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Chapter 557 - Demon King: Blooming Flowering Tree

The Unparalleled Spiritual Doctor: Demon Emperor's Defiant Love
     Chapter 557: Demon King: Blooming Flowering Tree

    Nyoi-Bo Studio  Nyoi-Bo Studio

    Yun Jiuge’s movements were very light. The handle of the brush that she was using was made from dried calabash. The base where the bristles connected to the handle was gilded.

    Her son was obsessed with gold and jewels. If she did not overlay the base of the brush with gold, he would not let the brush get close to him.

    Little Dragon felt so comfortable that he started to get drowsy. He closed his eyes and dozed off.

    Zi Shang rolled out of her pocket again. He floated to his son’s side and touched his small horns gently with his body.

    Yun Jiuge also caressed Zi Shang’s eggshell. Even though his physical form had regressed to an egg, he still had to worry about his son’s inability to transform into a Dragon. It must have been tough on him.

    After Yun Jiuge gave her son a bath, she wrapped a towel around him and placed him on a luxurious bed adorned with gold and jade on the headboard. She dripped three drops of Three Days Tranquilizer into his Spiritual Milk and placed it near his mouth. She coaxed, “Be good and drink this Spiritual Milk before you sleep!”

    Little Dragon finished the Spiritual Milk with his eyes closed. He gargled his mouth, before drifting off to sleep.

    “Darling, sleep well. You’ll see me again when you wake up.” Yun Jiuge pecked her son’s cheeks. Zi Shang also pressed his body softly against Little Dragon’s forehead.

    Yun Jiuge covered all the Luminous Pearls in the bedchamber before leaving. The only light source in the room was a scorpion-shaped lamp on the ground.

    Little Dragon was sound asleep. Since he had a lot of fun at Wanhua Spiritual Garden earlier, his dream also took place at the same location. The only difference was that there was a statue of his mother at the side of the entrance, and she had a large white egg in her arms this time.

    Little Dragon plucked two unripe Seven Star Fruits from the Seven Star Tree and called out to his friends, “Little Grass and Cute Little Baby, come play with me.”

    Unfortunately, Little Grass and Cute Little Baby were absent in his dream. Instead, a black hole appeared.

    The Crown Prince of the Ancient Black Demon Clan entered Little Dragon’s dream again. This was the only place that nullified his curse temporarily.

    “Why are you here again?” Little Dragon crinkled his forehead. His mood soured at once.

    “I can come here anytime I want. You can’t stop me.” The Crown Prince raised his brows. He looked around the Wanhua Spiritual Garden in Little Dragon’s dream. Compared to the tackiness he saw in Little Dragon’s past dreams with precious stones everywhere, this garden was much more interesting.

    Little Dragon really hated this person. He balled his hands into fists to fight him, but suddenly remembered the words that his mother had told him. “Even though his horns are ugly, you can’t make fun of him. When you see him next time, try to be his friend!”

    Little Dragon tilted his head as he stared at the Crown Prince’s black horns. Since the horns had spiral patterns, he felt as if he was looking at a whirlpool. The horns were really hideous.

    “What are you looking at?” The Crown Prince glared at him in displeasure. Ever since he was cursed, his horns turned black. The spiral patterns on his horns were marks of the curse. Therefore, he really disliked people staring at him.

    “Nothing.” Little Dragon moved his eyes away. He gave the Seven Star Fruit to the Crown Prince awkwardly and said in a small voice, “Do you want to play with me?”

    The Crown Prince’s gaze was fixed on that brightly colored fruit.

    Although he did not know how to play with it, he still said haughtily, “Since you’re so sincere, I’ll grudgingly agree to play with you!”

    “Alright, I’ll kick this fruit to you. You’ve to kick it back to me.” Little Dragon kicked the Seven Star Fruit towards the Crown Prince enthusiastically.

    The Crown Prince had fast reflexes. He sent the fruit back to Little Dragon in no time.

    They kicked the fruit back and forth a few times. The Crown Prince was very quick-witted. He kicked the fruit at awkward angles that were difficult for Little Dragon to reach. Little Dragon almost failed to hit the fruit a few times. In the end, he turned into a Little Golden Dragon to maintain his streak.

    The Ancient Black Demon Clan specialized in Soul Power training. The Crown Prince imbued the fruit with a great amount of Soul Power with every kick. Little Dragon’s Soul Power increased rapidly while he was playing with the Crown Prince.

    They were having fun until the Crown Prince accidentally kicked the fruit out of the garden. The fruit smashed into Yun Jiuge’s statue and the jade statue broke into pieces.

    “Mother.” Little Golden Dragon looked at the headless jade statue of his mother in stunned silence.

    “It’s just a stupid jade statue. What’s the big deal?” The Crown Prince spoke arrogantly out of habit.

    His words angered Little Golden Dragon. Little Golden Dragon lunged at the Crown Prince right away. Their budding friendship broke into smithereens in the blink of an eye.

    Yun Jiuge was unaware that her son was fighting the Crown Prince of the Ancient Black Demon Clan again.

    Zi Shang and she went into the Sea of Clouds Spiritual Ship that Wan Sha had prepared for them. They set off on a journey to the Demon Forest.

    Night had fallen. Countless stars were scattered across the dark blue skies, while the night wind passed through the ship’s Protective Barrier and blew gently on Yun Jiuge’s face.

    She stood at the front of the ship with Zi Shang by her side. Both of them were admiring the beautiful scenery in front of them.

    “Do you still remember the time when we went on a tour of inspection? We were in our glory days. Now, we’re in dire straits.” Yun Jiuge sighed.

    Back then, she conducted tours of inspection as the Goddess. Her bodyguards alone required seven Spiritual Ships. Everywhere she went, she was respected and admired by thousands.

    The Celestial Palace was placed on a pedestal by beings in the mortal realm.

    Now, Zi Shang and she were going on a journey alone. Other than the Puppet Servants that she had created in the Celestial Palace, she only had Yellow Turban Warriors as her bodyguards. She had really fallen from grace.

    Moreover, she had to undertake this journey because she had used her body to mend the heavens after the catastrophe fell upon Canglan Continent.

    She sacrificed everything for Canglan Continent. When she returned to the Celestial Palace, she realized that she had a lot of enemies who were vying to take down the weakened Celestial Palace. It made her reflect on whether she had been wrong in being so altruistic in the past.

    Zi Shang flew to her shoulder and pressed his eggshell to her face to comfort her.

    “I’m fine. I’m just reminiscing. I might have lost everything that I had as a Goddess, but at least Little Dragon and you are by my side now.” Yun Jiuge cheered up immediately. As long as Zi Shang’s power could be fully restored, she had no regrets.

    “We still need to fly for one whole night before we reach the Demon Forest. Let’s rest for now!” Yun Jiuge pulled Zi Shang into her arms and walked into her ship cabin.

    Yun Jiuge was deep in sleep when the Flying Ship halted abruptly, as though it had hit a reef.

    She woke up immediately and walked out of her ship cabin. Something had prevented the Flying Ship from moving forward. Her Yellow Turban Warriors and Puppet Servants formed a circle around the cabin that she was in, ready to fight.

    The Flying Ship was caught in a massive green net. They were surrounded by two rows of beautiful Demons holding pitchforks. They had multicolored hair and wings on their back.

    The handsome, androgynous man standing at the front of the ship had silver hair. His eyes had a certain spark to them. He wore a magnificent green robe embroidered with different kinds of plants, befitting his noble identity. He was the Demon King, Blooming Flowering Tree.

    “Blooming Flowering Tree, why did you stop my Flying Ship?” Yun Jiuge said as she floated up into the air. Her red cloak, which was adorned with realistic embroidery of phoenixes, fluttered in the wind. She exuded a dignified aura.

    “Haven’t you come to see me? I’m here to welcome you personally, Goddess!” Blooming Flowering Tree’s voice was very pleasing to the ears, like the singing of a nightingale.

    “Is that so? Why do I feel like you’re here to pick a bone with me?” Yun Jiuge looked at the Demon Warriors that surrounded the Flying Ship, acting in a very hostile manner. They did not seem welcoming at all.