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Chapter 387 - He Should Have Told Her

She Became a Heartbreaker After Entering the Novel
     Chapter 387: He Should Have Told Her

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    Taking a glimpse at the Zhens' gate, Qi Shan shouted at the windows upstairs from outside the gate.

    "Meimei! Something has happened to Su Ye! I'll go and check what's up! I'll come to see you later!"

    Then, he quickly got into his car and drove straight to Huo Beichen's villa.

    When he arrived, he saw that Fei Bai was also there.

    Qi Shan asked, "Why are you here?"

    Fei Bai was not one to mince words. He picked up his phone and showed the text that Su Ye had sent him earlier: [Protect Boss and the missus. Make sure no harm comes their way.]

    Furrowing his brows, Qi Shan walked into the villa with Fei Bai.


    It was the weekend.

    Huo Beichen had not been in the mood to make love the night before. So, Ning Meng finally had a chance for proper sleep. When she woke up, there was no sore muscles or limping out of the bed.

    After having a hearty breakfast, Ning Meng started chatting with Zhen Shanmei on the phone.

    Ning Meng: [So, you broke up with him? For real?]

    Zhen Shanmei: [That moron sent me a friend request last night. I rejected it, of course! We've been doing so well together. Why did he want to break up? I am so pissed!]

    Ning Meng giggled as she sent her friend a reply: [Yeah, he can't just nonchalantly send you a friend request after this. Perhaps you should charge him a breakup fee.]

    Zhen Shanmei: [??]

    After sending the message, Ning Meng looked at Huo Beichen with her alluring, starry eyes. "Lord Chen, what's up with Qi Shan lately?"

    After returning home last night, Huo Beichen had not been in a good mood. Ning Meng had a hunch that something bad must have happened. Seeing that he was now in a better mood, Ning Meng decided to probe him about what had happened.

    Closing his eyes, Huo Beichen briefly explained what had happened to Qi Shan. Then, he opened his eyes that were burning with rage. "Thank God Qi Shan is alive. Or else...!"

    Or else... he would probably break his promise and murder that woman!

    Nonetheless, it was now imperative for him to send Ning Ke away.

    After learning about what had happened and finding out that Qi Shan had not sustained any damage to his manhood, Ning Meng laughed so much that she almost lost her breath. Laying on Huo Beichen's chest, she rubbed her hand on his stomach. "How could he be so stupid? He should not break up with his girlfriend without finding out the final result! Now that he has lost Zhen Shanmei, all that he's got for a girlfriend in the future is a body pillow!"


    It was indeed true that a man should never offend his woman's best friend. Ning Meng was so relentless with her roast now... even more vicious than how she was 8 years ago.

    Ning Meng could not help but to continue roasting, "If eating fish could help make one brighter, I suppose Qi Shan would need to consume an entire whale to be cured of stupidity!"


    Ning Meng then picked up her phone. "Besides, he should have told Zhen Shanmei the truth! Is it so difficult to communicate frankly with your partner? I really hate this attitude, you know? Selfishly deciding everything for me and then saying ‘I'm doing this for your own good' without considering my feelings about that decision. I'm gonna tell Zhen Shanmei all about it."


    Huo Beichen was stunned upon hearing this. He, too, had done something similar...

    Was it right for him to not say anything to Ning Meng? Was it right for him to keep everything a secret from her? They were husband and wife, so he should not keep anything from her...

    Huo Beichen lost himself in his thoughts as he stared at Ning Meng.

    Meanwhile, Ning Meng had sent a message to Zhen Shanmei, detailing everything that had happened to Qi Shan recently.

    Zen Shanmei: [...]

    A moment later, Zhen Shanmei sent a voice message to her: "Is he a retard?! He thought he was doing all of this for my sake? But did he consider that even after knowing all of this, I would still be by his side, helping him to fight off this condition of his? Geez, how could he give up so easily?! I am so disappointed in him!"

    Huo Beichen pulled a long face after hearing this voice message.

    Indeed... he should tell her. It would be better for him to tell her everything instead of keeping her in the dark...