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Chapter 362 - Just A Little More Courage (2)

My Mr. Gu is Courting Death Again
     Chapter 362: Just A Little More Courage (2)

    Gu Yu was pleased to hear those words. With a smile, he decided to let Assistant Lin off the hook. He gestured to the door with his chin and said, "You can go now."

    Without another word, Assistant Lin turned around and slipped out of the office.


    At that moment, Xu Weilai was lying on the couch, playing with her cell phone.

    She had dominated the hot search results for a whole day; the number of Weibo fans she had gained went from a hundred thousand to more than million.

    When she logged into her Weibo account, her cell phone froze immediately. She had countless tags, messages, and reposts. Her whole screen was blinking red.

    She never thought that there would come a day when she'd gain popularity overnight!

    She shut off her phone and restarted it. Fortunately, her phone didn't freeze when she logged in again. She clicked on the private messages and glanced at them at random. When she read some of them, she couldn't help but chuckle.

    There were already individuals seeking her out for advertisements, offering to pay her 5,000 for a post or 10,000 for a mention on Weibo

    Her phone chimed, signaling that a new WeChat message had been received.

    Xu Weilai tapped the message open and saw that it was from Gu Yu. [I have an important banquet to attend. Mrs. Gu, will you do me the honor of being my plus one?]

    Ever since she had married Gu Yu, the only banquet she had attended was the Gu Corporation's Year End Gala. Back then, she needed to get close to Rong Wang. Thus, she spent a whole night persuading Gu Yu to let her come with him before he had finally let her!

    Had the tables turned? Was he now inviting her to go as his partner?

    Well, she was certainly one to bear a grudge!

    Her dark eyes shifted niftily as she revealed a sly smile. She took a screenshot of the advertising offers she had received and sent them to him with the reply: [Mr. Gu, look at how high my current appearance fees are!]

    Gu Yu did not reply to her.

    Xu Weilai pursed her lip. Had he given up so easily?

    However, her phone immediately received a new text message. She tapped it open, and was notified that a million yuan had just been credited to her bank account.

    Well, she had certainly misjudged Mr. Gu. It wasn't that he hadn't replied. Instead, he had cut to the chase and used money to speak for him!

    Xu Weilai continued to lead him on a wild goose chase by replying: [I guess I'll think about it.]

    Ding! Ten million had just been credited.

    Xu Weilai's hand trembled as she held her cell phone. She… she wasn't going to be swayed by money! She had her dignity!

    She replied: [I'll need to check my schedule again.]

    Ding! A hundred million had just been credited.

    As Xu Weilai's hand lost its grip, her cell phone came crashing down on her face. She sharply inhaled in pain

    Regardless, she didn't have time to focus on the pain. She swallowed hard twice and replied to Gu Yu on WeChat immediately. [Mr. Gu, my entire night tomorrow will be yours. I'll do whatever you ask of me. If you tell me to jump, I'll ask, "How high?" If you tell me to stand, I won't sit. Everything will be done in accordance to your instructions!]

    What was dignity in the face of money? It wasn't as if dignity could keep her stomach full!


    The banquet was held in the ballroom of a five-star hotel.

    Under the sparkling chandeliers, the fancily-dressed attendees were mingling and chatting away.

    Xu Weilai took Gu Yu's arm and walked at his side. Almost everyone's eyes were drawn to them, the guests reacted in various way.

    This was Gu Yu's first time taking a female companion out in public after announcing through an exclusive interview that he was already married. The female companion was none other than Xu Weilai, the ex-fiancée with whom he had broken the engagement.

    Had Gu Yu turned? Was Xu Weilai the wife he was talking about in the interview?

    Gu Yu did not disclose Xu Weilai's identity to anyone. With his hand firmly and possessively on the small of Xu Weilai's back, however, everyone knew what it meant.

    Everyone's expression towards Xu Weilai suddenly changed, and they began treating her with utmost respect.

    After taking a turn around the ballroom, Xu Weilai felt her face going stiff from smiling so much. Excusing herself to the ladies' room to touch up her makeup, she finally managed to catch her breath. Just as she was washing her hands, a woman pushed the door open and entered.

    At that moment, their eyes met as a silence fell over them.