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Chapter 376 - : Too Much of a Coincidence

Beware Mr. Officer, Tread Carefully!
     Chapter 376: Too Much of a Coincidence

    Leng Yu calmly looked at Jian Qi. “Boss told us to stay put. It would be better if we went back!”

    “Don’t you want to see if there are handsome men around?” Jian Qi chuckled.

    Leng Yu shook her head. “No. They look ugly in the pictures. Besides, didn’t you say that nobody here would be more handsome than Boss? Why would you waste time doing something so pointless?”

    Leng Yu needed to keep an eye on this lady for Boss.

    Jian Qi. “…”

    ‘I actually don’t have a comeback for this!’

    Jian Qi was just about to continue persuading Leng Yu when the latter looked at her and asked, “What do you want to do?”

    “Look at the men, of course!” Jian Qi responded calmly.

    Although Leng Yu seemed like a cold person, she was extremely attentive to details.

    When Jian Qi noticed that Leng Yu kept quiet, she continued to speak. “I am just curious and want to see what kind of people they are.”

    Jian Qi had spoken very earnestly. The pitiable and obedient look on her face made it difficult for Leng Yu to turn her down.

    After Leng Yu took a deep breath, she finally nodded. “You may only have a quick look. We can’t stay around here for too long. Let’s avoid getting into any unnecessary trouble.”

    “Alright!” Jian Qi beamed.

    Thereafter, Jian Qi and Leng Yu began heading toward the anti-terrorism team’s living quarters.

    Since Jian Qi had a clear target, she merely gave the rest of the people a single glance before moving on. After all, these people were not important to her at all. The only person she wanted to find right now was that man.

    Due to Jian Qi’s believable act of only wanting to look around, Leng Yu began to feel less concerned.

    However, after following after Jian Qi for a while, Leng Yu could not help but reach out and grab Jian Qi by her hand.

    “That looks like where the men are resting. Let’s not go there!” Leng Yu exclaimed before pulling Jian Qi away.

    ‘This young girl really wants to go look for other men!’

    Jian Qi felt rather depressed because she did not expect Leng Yu to be this observant.

    “Look, we’re already here…” Jian Qi grabbed Leng Yu’s hand in return and began walking directly over to where she was heading to earlier.

    Leng Yu had not expected Jian Qi to be this stubborn. While Leng Yu was not paying attention, Jian Qi pulled her along.

    Just as the two were walking over, the door of the tent was opened up. Jian Qi took a quick glance only to find that the man she was looking for was not there.

    After frowning a little, Jian Qi turned to look at Leng Yu with a smile. “Indeed, just as you said, they really don’t look good at all. Let’s go back!”

    As Leng Yu pulled Jian Qi along, Jian Qi continued to focus on the area around her. Consequently, she failed to notice a man passing by and bumped into him.

    “Sorry…” Jian Qi murmured before subconsciously lifting her head to look at the person in front of her.

    She instantly froze.

    “Who are you two?” Norman asked with a frown as he glanced at the two unfamiliar faces in front of him. “You are not part of the anti-terrorism team.”

    “My apologies. We only arrived today. We got lost after heading to the restroom.” Leng Yu explained indifferently before pulling Jian Qi’s hand to lead her away.

    “Are you part of the team sent from America to support us?” Norman had a somewhat inquisitive look on his face.

    Jian Qi’s eyes met with his gaze and was about to speak when a chilly voice interrupted them.

    “What are you two doing over here?” Tang Jinyu walked closer hastily. There was a more senior member of the anti-terrorism team next to him.

    Subconsciously, Jian Qi began to frown. ‘This is too much of a coincidence!’

    ‘Instructor Tang, did you place a personal tracking device on me?’

    Leng Yu eagerly began to explain as she looked at Tang Jinyu. “Boss, we went to the restroom. We are just about to head back.”

    Tang Jinyu looked at the direction they were coming from. He realized that the restroom was on the other side. They had taken a huge detour to arrive at where they were.

    He immediately knew who had come up with the idea…