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Chapter 591 - Take Advantage of This Situation!

Medical Master
     “It’s the miracle-working doctor. The miracle-working doctor has come out.”

    Just as the patients in the queue exclaimed, Fang Qiu also looked up at the old man in front of him.

    The old man looked benign. He showed a towering aura from head to toe, but not aggressive. He made people feel smooth.

    If we considered ordinary people as a rough wooden bead, then this old man would be a delicately crafted jade bead.

    “What ails you?” Even highly-skilled doctors couldn’t skip the process of using Four Methods to Diagnose a Disease.

    Sitting down at the consultation desk, Highly-skilled Doctor Yu Qing looked at Fang Qiu with a smile.

    “You’ll know when you feel my pulse,” Fang Qiu answered and immediately imitated the old master’s pulse.

    As soon as Yu Qing’s fingers touched Fang Qiu’s wrist, he raised his eyebrows and his face changed slightly.

    After a while, he finished feeling Fang Qiu’s pulse.

    Yu Qing took a deep breath, then shook his head and said, “I can’t cure this disease.”

    After hearing what he said, the patients who were lining up inside and outside the clinic were suddenly shocked.

    Doctor Yu Qing was a miracle-working doctor!

    They had never seen any disease that could baffle him.

    Now, there was really such a disease that even a miracle-working doctor couldn’t cure.

    The young man hurried up and asked in surprise, “Master, what’s the matter?”

    “Phew…” Yu Qing took a deep breath and said, “It’s not a normal disease. This is a symptom that only shows when a person’s internal organs are seriously injured.”

    “Hmm?” The young man was confused and said, “I didn’t see this type of pulse when I felt his pulse just now.”

    When in doubt, the young man walked up again and reached out to feel Fang Qiu’s pulse.

    He really sensed it as he felt his pulse again.

    Feeling Fang Qiu’s pulse, the young man frowned solemnly.

    This disease really couldn’t be cured!

    “Follow me in.” Just when the young man was confused and the patients were shocked, Yu Qing suddenly stood up and said to Fang Qiu with a smile.

    Fang Qiu stood up.

    He followed behind Yu Qing, passed through the small courtyard from the back door of the clinic, and entered the inner room.

    “Who asked you to come here?”As soon as he entered the door, Yu Qing looked at Fang Qiu with a faint smile.

    “Dr. Yu, why did you say that?” Fang Qiu was stunned.

    “Ha-ha.” Yu Qing chuckled and said, “Your disease is not normal. Someone must have introduced you to me.”

    Fang Qiu also smiled.

    “Pleasure to meet you, senior.” Fang Qiu bowed to Yu Qing and then took off his cap and mask.

    “Eh?” When he saw the face of Fang Qiu, the expression of Yu Qing suddenly became complicated. He said with surprise and doubt, “It’s you?”

    Fang Qiu asked, “Senior, do you know me?”

    “Of course I know.”

    “Ha-ha.” Yu Qing laughed and said, “You’re the champion of the Young Chinese Medicine Doctor, the leader of the younger generation of Chinese Medicine, and the big star with 20 million fans.”

    “I’m flattered, senior.” Fang Qiu felt a little embarrassed.

    Yu Qing nodded with a smile. Just as he was about to say something, his eyes suddenly lit up. It seemed that he had thought of something, so he grabbed Fang Qiu’s wrist and said, “Follow me.”

    Fang Qiu was stunned.

    Before he could react, he was dragged out from the back door of the backyard by Yu Qing.

    They walked quickly.

    After walking for five or six minutes and making a few turns, they arrived at a dilapidated house not far from a garbage dump.

    “We’re here,” Yu Qing said.

    Fang Qiu asked, “Senior, what’s this?”

    “I bring you here to save someone.”

    Yu Qing raised his head, indicating that there was a patient in this dilapidated house. “It’s cancer, terminal stage. He only has a month left at most.”

    “Oh?” Hearing that, Fang Qiu immediately stepped into the room.

    “There is a family of father and son living in this house. The father and son depend on each other. The child is only seven years old. If his father dies of illness, the child will suffer.”

    As Yu Qing stepped forward, he said to Fang Qiu, “The child came to me more than a month ago and asked me to treat his father. In the past month, I’ve tried my best to find so many ways to cure his disease, but I still failed. Since you’re here, I want to take you here to have a look.”

    “Okay.” Fang Qiu nodded.

    The two of them pushed open the door and entered.

    As they got in, Fang Qiu looked around and found that there was only a broken spring bed in the room. At this time, a young man in his 30s was lying on the spring bed. He looked haggard and thin. His eyes were a little dull.

    Next to the spring bed, a little boy was sitting on the ground, with a black stove that was burning water in front of him.

    Not even a stool could be found in the room.

    “Alas.” Yu Qing sighed bitterly and said, “Their family was not so poor before, but after the man got sick, the child sold all the things at their home and used all the money to treat his father, so they barely have anything left in the house.”

    “Dr. Yu, you’re here.” Seeing the miracle-working doctor, the seven-year-old boy in dirty clothes quickly stood up.

    “Yeah.” Yu Qing nodded and said, “I brought you a miracle-working doctor who is more powerful than me. He specializes in treating your father’s disease. If there is nothing wrong, your father’s disease can be cured today.”

    “Really?” The little boy was excited.

    “Nothing would possibly go wrong.”

    Fang Qiu stepped forward, smiled at the little boy, and said, “He can definitely be cured.”

    Yu Qing was stunned.

    Although Fang Qiu did cure several patients of the same kind, this patient had terminal cancer. He didn’t even look at the patient’s condition, but he gave them such a positive promise. Was Fang Qiu really so confident?

    Fang Qiu walked to the bed.

    He carefully examined the patient’s condition and found that he was really dying.

    It didn’t need to take a month.

    If he came two weeks later, the child would lose his father.

    Under such circumstances, Fang Qiu didn’t dare to hesitate.

    He immediately started the treatment.

    He still used internal Qi to promote blood circulation, remove congestion, supply energy to the patient, and nourish his five internal organs.

    Yu Qing and the little boy didn’t dare to say anything and just watched quietly.


    Half an hour later, letting out a long breath, Fang Qiu stopped and said, “It’s done.”

    Yu Qing and the little boy stepped forward at once.

    The father of the little boy was lying on the bed. His eyes, which were dull, gradually regained their energy. And his face became a little ruddy.

    As he saw that, Yu Qing hurried forward to feel the man’s pulse.

    “Hmm?” When he felt his pulse, his expression changed dramatically. He looked at Fang Qiu with shock.

    At this moment, the little boy went to the bedside and cried, “Dad, dad.”

    “Xiao Yu, my son, Xiao Yu…” On the bed, the patient also shouted before he came to his senses. He then slowly straightened up. Looking at the child standing by the bed, he pulled him into his arms and cried bitterly.

    “Thank you, thank you, thank you for saving my life.”

    The child’s father burst into tears and kept thanking Fang Qiu and Yu Qing.

    The child also turned his head to express his gratitude.

    The father and son, one on the bed and the other on the ground, knelt down at the same time to kowtow to Fang Qiu.

    Because they really had nothing left in the house, they could only thank Fang Qiu in this way.

    “That’s okay.” Fang Qiu quickly held the father and son up and said, “Take good care of the child in the future.”

    “Okay, I’ll take good care of him. I will!” The child’s father held the child in his arms. He looked at Fang Qiu with deep gratitude.

    “Senior, let’s go.” Fang Qiu turned to look at Yu Qing.

    “Okay.” Yu Qing nodded.

    As he went out with Fang Qiu, he said, “Qi is really magical!”

    He really didn’t expect that it took Fang Qiu only half an hour to bring such a dying patient back to life.

    This really shocked him.

    “No wonder they said that.” Yu Qing suddenly laughed.

    As he left, Fang Qiu waved his right hand and shoved 3,000 in cash directly into the patient’s hand, then pushed the door open and went out.

    “No wonder what?” Fang Qiu looked at Yu Qing in confusion.

    Yu Qing said, “This is the ancient saying, ‘A doctor can even bring the dead to life’.”

    “Maybe. Chinese Medicine is broad and profound. The medical skills used by ancient sages are much better than what I used. I just learned a little about Chinese Medicine,” Fang Qiu said humbly.

    “That’s right. Both of us are successors.” Yu Qing nodded in approval.

    The two of them chatted while returning to the clinic.

    Back in the inner room of the clinic’s backyard, Yu Qing said after asking Fang Qiu to sit down at the desk in the inner room, “You have done what you have to do. Now, tell me why you are here.”

    Fang Qiu said, “I’m here because I want to borrow the treasure book about ancient prescriptions from you.”

    “Interesting.” Hearing this, Yu Qing was slightly stunned. In the Chinese Medicine circle, many people knew that he had the treasure book, but they also knew that it was almost useless, so no one came to find him for the book.

    Fang Qiu was the first one, so he thought it was interesting.

    “It’s okay if you want to borrow it. What do you have to exchange for it?” Yu Qing asked with a smile.

    Fang Qiu said, “Didn’t I just cure a patient and solve your problem?”

    “That’s not right.”

    Yu Qing laughed and asked in reply, “If I didn’t ask you to treat him, would you walk away as you see a dying patient?”

    Fang Qiu was stunned.

    It seemed that Yu Qing was also a sophisticated man.

    Fang Qiu asked, “Senior, what do you want?”

    “Ha-ha.” Yu Qing chuckled and asked, “What medical skills do you know?”

    Fang Qiu replied, “I know Qi, bonesetting, acupuncture, and so on.”

    “You know quite a lot.”

    Yu Qing nodded and said, “I won’t force others to do things that are beyond their power. In exchange, teach me about your method of treating cancer.”

    “No way.”

    Fang Qiu gave a wry smile and said, “This can’t be taught, and you don’t know Qi at all. You can’t cure it without Qi.”

    Yu Qing said after thinking for a while, “Then, teach me your unique bonesetting skill.”


    Fang Qiu hesitated for a moment and said, “You can’t learn in such a short time, either.”

    “Acupuncture then!” There was no other choice for Yu Qing.

    Fang Qiu asked, “Which sect do you want to learn?”

    Yu Qing was stunned and said, “Oh. You mean that you know everything in each sect. You really know a lot. In this case, teach them all to me.”

    Hearing this, Fang Qiu immediately gave a wry smile and said, “Senior, it’s not good for you to take advantage of this situation, is it?”