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Chapter 388 - The Tender-hearted Su Ye

She Became a Heartbreaker After Entering the Novel
     Chapter 388: The Tender-hearted Su Ye

    Staring at Ning Meng who was focusing on her phone, Huo Beichen felt a tsunami of conflicted feelings. He had an urge to tell her everything.

    Yet, just as he was about to be overwhelmed by this urge, the doorbell rung

    Ning Meng instinctively put on her slippers, preparing to head out to open the door

    A moment later…

    Fei Bai and Qi Shan rushed into the room in a panic. "Boss, something bad is going on with Su Ye now!"

    Upon hearing their words, Huo Beichen's face instantly turned cold.

    It was only then that he noticed the messages that Su Ye had sent him half an hour ago:

    [Boss, I'll bear the responsibility for Ning Ke, is that alright?]

    [She is currently at my place.]

    His intention was clear in the two messages. The first message meant that he sought to redeem Ning Ke, but they had no idea where he had gone and what plan he had to do just that.

    The second message meant that if the boss still insisted on Ning Ke being punished, she was currently at his home. If he wanted to, Huo Beichen could always locate and punish her

    Ning Meng was moved by the good doctor's words. "How could Su Ye be so kind and tender-hearted when he's begging for someone else? But still… Where had he gone to?"

    After hearing her words, the three men's faces turned grim.

    Qi Shan raised his head to look at Huo Beichen. "Could it be that he has gone to Nation O?"

    Fei Bai frowned immediately upon hearing this while Huo Beichen remained silent—he had clearly also realized that Su Ye must have gone there.

    Ning Meng looked at them in confusion. "What's up with Nation O?"

    Qi Shan anxiously explained, "Huo Group had a few dealings in that country and have a few labs set up there. Recently, Nation O had been engulfed in a war. So, we had no choice but to abandon the facilities there. Unfortunately, during the extraction protocol, the staff there forgot to extract a few crucial experiment data. Now, it's too dangerous to set foot there again to retrieve them "

    Then, he stopped for a breath before continuing furiously. "This task is so dangerous that even Fei Bai might not make it back. Su Ye is just a physician! Just what on earth does he think he's doing?"

    After finally getting a grasp of the gravity of the situation, Ning Meng felt as though tons of weights were dropped on her heart.

    Although they had only known each other for several months, Su Ye was the one who had treated her with the kindest, warmest welcome. To add to that, he was also the only person who supported her and Huo Beichen's union the most.

    She felt safe and at ease whenever Su Ye was around. It was not that the others were bad company… But Fei Bai was like a cold, metal statue whenever she saw him, and Qi Shan seemed to always want to tick her off whenever they met.

    A few minutes later, Huo Beichen finally spoke. "Call up the airport. Find out when he departed. If he's heading to Nation O, he must have utilized some resources from the company."

    After receiving his orders, Qi Shan immediately picked up his phone and fiddled with it for a while before raising his head in astonishment. "He asked one of our helicopter pilots to fly him to Nation O last night. Then, he drove straight to the lab with a jeep that he had secured over there. This was 3 hours ago!"

    Hmm, so those messages that he had sent to Huo Beichen were programmed and timed to be sent after he had departed. That was a smart move—by doing so, he could go straight into action without worrying about them stopping him.

    There had been countless, violent, armed skirmishes in Nation O lately. A light-skinned Chinese driving on their roads would make him a glaring target!

    Huo Beichen stood up as he ordered Qi Shan, "To my helicopter. Now!"

    Qi Shan and Fei Bai stood up as well. "We'll go with you!"

    There were a lot of people working under Huo Beichen. In fact, there were many layers of management in Huo Group. Yet, out of that many co-workers, these 4 were the closest. Now that one of their bros was in danger, how could any of them sit by and do nothing? Even if, deep down, they knew that it could be too late for them to go after him!

    Watching the 3 men leave through the front door, Ning Meng felt as though she was watching a trio of heroes like in those martial arts films, marching out to save the day.

    Then, Ning Meng waited at the villa the whole day, worrying sick for their safety. Finally, at night, she received a phone call from Huo Beichen.

    "We've got him…"