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Chapter 1018 - Grampy Only Wishes the Best for You

Reborn Aristocrat: Return of the Vicious Heiress
     Chapter 1018: Grampy Only Wishes the Best for You

    The news of Wen Xinya achieving 703 points spread among the household of the Wen Family. The servants were delighted by her achievements as well. Whenever they gathered, they would mention how smart and capable their mistress was.

    Until now, Wen Xinya felt as if she were floating on a cloud. She recalled that the only reason she had gotten 489 points in her past life was that Xia Ruya and Ning Shuqian had hired people to humiliate her, unsettling her mind just before the final examinations and causing her to mess up.

    As a result of her 489 points, she became the object of ridicule. Grandpa would look at her with disappointment, Wen Haowen would treat her coldly, and Grandma would glare at her with hatred.

    However, those negative feelings held by her family took a hundred and eighty degrees’ turn the moment they heard the news that Xia Ruya had achieved 655 points. She could never forget the condescension in Xia Ruya’s eyes back then, as well as the mockery she had to suffer from Ning Yuya. Furthermore, Ning Shuqian’s fake consolation filled with sarcasm only felt like knives piercing through her heart.

    They were her blood ties, yet she did not receive a single shred of consolation after messing up her examinations. Instead, they cheered over somebody else.

    At that time, she was utterly sad and in despair.

    Wen Xinya forced the corner of her lips into a smile. Those were memories of the past. As of today, she had walked down a brand new path in this life.

    Old Mr. Wen could not be any happier. “Xinya, you should hurry and deliver the good news to your grampy. He’s still waiting for your results in anticipation.”

    Old Mr. Mo had taught her well for their granddaughter to be this exceptional. Old Mr. Wen was extremely grateful to him.

    Wen Xinya smiled. “I’ll call Grampy this instance.”

    Wen Xinya called her grandfather. The moment she heard Grampy’s voice through the phone, she exclaimed, “Grampy, the results are out. I’ve gotten 703 points! Isn’t your granddaughter amazing?”

    Wen Xinya could not hide the delight in her voice. She did not let Grampy’s teachings go to waste and embarrass him. More importantly, she managed to live up to his honor. As such, she could proudly present her achievements to Grampy.

    Old Mr. Mo replied, “Yes, I know. Your school dean called me just a while ago and told me your score. Xinya, you did well.”

    He was also waiting in anticipation for Xinya’s results to be released today.

    When the school dean called and told him Xinya’s result, he was completely stunned. He was worried since Xinya had taken a lot of time off school. However, she was still able to achieve such an exceptional result. It was out of everybody’s expectations.

    After his initial shock, he realized it was no surprise since Xinya had always been a smart girl. On top of that, she was wise and diligent. Being able to achieve such great results was only natural for her.

    At that time, the dean even said, “Old Mr. Mo, your granddaughter is very impressive! This year, Lan Feng Institute has clinched the top two positions for the final examination results in Capital city, and she is in second place. The student in third place is from Ching Hua High School and has only achieved 692 points. Your granddaughter has pretty much placed second in the entire Capital city.”

    The dean had always placed Wen Xinya in high regard, not only because she was a student of Old Mr. Mo, but also because she was a diligent and smart student. When she was kidnapped and had to take a six-month leave of absence, he was really worried for her. Following shortly, she became involved in her family’s business. In the end, he could not hold back anymore and decided to give her a few tips.

    Thankfully, on top of knowing what she wanted, she was also a wise child. There was no need for him to be overly worried as she excelled in every mock examination.

    However, she managed to shock everybody by exceeding all expectations for this final examinations.

    Wen Xinya could not help but sulk as she said, “Grampy, isn’t the dean too unkind? As your granddaughter, I should be the one to break such important news to you. How could he jump the gun and steal my role…”

    She had planned to give her Grampy a huge surprise. However, the dean was not nice and did it before her. As such, she resented the dean and even expressed anger towards him for his actions. She really felt like cursing him so that he would go bald even before he turned sixty.

    Old Mr. Mo could imagine his granddaughter pouting sulkily now over the phone begrudgingly. He replied, “It doesn’t matter who broke the news to me. I am still very happy that you have achieved such great results.”

    Although Old Mr. Mo believed that the final examination was not a good gauge of one’s true capabilities and disapproved of it, it was still a good tool for picking out talents. He would keep his thoughts to himself and work hard in teaching his students. After all, deep down he knew and respected the purpose of such scientific examinations. For his granddaughter to be able to achieve such an amazing result, he was utterly proud.

    Wen Xinya felt really touched. “Thank you, Grampy.”

    She knew that the reason she was able to achieve what she had today was all because of Grampy’s teachings, trust, and care. If not for him, she might have been abandoned by the Wen Family the moment she was reborn, before she was even able to show them her development.

    In her past life, no matter how much the Wen Family hated her, they would not dare to touch her when Grampy was alive. However, the moment Grampy passed away… she was welcomed into hell.

    Whether it was her past life or the current one, Grampy had protected her in various ways for all his life.

    At this moment, she was afraid to imagine how lonely this old man must have been when he was on the verge of death. He must have died with regrets, worrying over her until the end.

    Old Mr. Mo sighed. “My child, don’t be silly. Grampy only wishes the best for you.”

    Wishes the best for you. Those few words were simple yet contained so much hope for the other person. Tears began rolling down Wen Xinya’s cheeks as she said, “Don’t worry, Grampy. In this life, I’ll live well. You’ll live well too. We will all live well.”

    Wen Xinya wiped her tears. The corner of her lips curled up into a smile out of happiness.

    She could hear Grampy’s sigh through the phone.

    Wen Xinya asked as she choked back her tears, “Grampy, are you going to give me a reward for achieving great results for the examinations?”

    Old Mr. Mo asked lovingly, “What do you want as a reward?”

    Wen Xinya’s eyes lit up. “Grampy, why don’t you paint a portrait of bamboos for me. It would be great if there is a bunch of flowers too.”

    She loved Grampy’s portraits the most. It was a pity that although Grampy painted many portraits, she had never received any from him. Now, she could finally openly request for one. The portrait she had requested for could be used to decorate the study room that she shared with Si Yiyan. It would look so amazing.

    Old Mr. Mo replied, “Okay.”

    Wen Xinya could not be any happier. “Grampy, you are the best!”