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Chapter 306 - Hide Slowly

The Queen of Everything
     Chapter 306: Hide Slowly

    Not many people could make an analysis during such a situation. Ordinary people would be scared out of their wits upon seeing a ferocious beast pouncing on them.

    Ah Chen did not stop Blue Sky because he knew Blue Sky was joking.

    Under normal circumstances, he should have protected Su Cha well following Bo Muyi's orders. Even in such a situation, he should have stopped the beast without hesitation.

    But he did not.

    Other than to probe, there was no other explanation for why he didn't.

    When he heard Su Cha's words, Ah Chen's usually expressionless face seemed to twitch. He lowered his eyes and said in a cold voice, "Miss Su, you're wrong. It's my fault for not being able to react in time. If you want to, Miss Su, you can deal with it by meting out punishment."

    He was being very respectful, as if nothing had happened.

    The coldness in Su Cha's eyes intensified, and her voice became stern. The aura that she used to have as the Empress Dowager was completely displayed, sweeping towards Ah Chen.

    "You are Muyi's most trusted secret guard, but while he trusts you, I don't. Just a casual sentence from me and you can imagine what will happen to you. Just fulfill your duty and protect him. Stop trying to set traps for me. If this happens again, I will not let you off. I have a bad temper, so remember this clearly."

    Her sharp gaze swept across Ah Chen's body. The strong pressure made Ah Chen's hair stand on end.

    He was under immense pressure. He did not know why this girl in front of him suddenly had such a strong aura. It would not pale in comparison even against that of the young master.

    Her words were crisp and clear. Upon landing on one's heart, they sent chills down one's spine.

    Su Cha stopped looking at Ah Chen and walked around him before entering the house.

    After she left, Ah Chen straightened his back and looked in Su Cha's direction. He could not hide his shock.

    What exactly happened? Why did Miss Su change so much?

    She was completely different from the documents!

    The young master had been exceptionally talented since he was young, and the feelings he elicited were even more terrifying. He thought that the young master knew everything.

    Ah Chen suddenly felt a chill down his spine.

    It was not that the young master did not know this time, he just did not care.

    As long as this person was still Miss Su, it did not matter how difficult the changes were to explain because no explanation was necessary to the young master.

    Ah Chen thought about what Su Cha had said just now. Thinking of the young master's methods, he felt his scalp tingle.

    Indeed, Miss Su was right. He was getting too carried away.


    It could not calm his doubts.

    He looked in Su Cha's direction with a complicated expression.

    He did not need to know what had happened to Miss Su. All he needed to know was that Miss Su had no ill intentions towards the young master.

    Throughout this period of observation, Ah Chen could tell that much.

    While entering the house, Su Cha was still a little angry at Ah Chen's actions. She did not like such disrespectful and unruly behavior, but since she knew that that person was doing it for Bo Muyi's own good, she let things slide.

    She changed into a sports suit and entered the basement to exercise.

    At the end of the day, Ah Chen's distrust was towards her own transformation. She was not worried about this. She just had to treat Bo Muyi well.

    After what had happened with Tang Keruo, she knew that it would not be easy for her to stay by Bo Muyi's side.

    Even if she had someone to protect her, she could not simply rely on others.

    If she wanted to find out anything, she had to strengthen herself first. When she no longer had anything to fear, no one would be able to restrain her.

    Right now, she would just stay in the shadows and pretend that she did not know anything.