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Chapter 307 - A Call Every Day

The Queen of Everything
     Chapter 307: A Call Every Day

    After Bo Muyi returned that night, Su Cha told him about her needing to move into the group dormitory.

    The man's reaction was as she had expected.

    "I don't want that!"

    If it were any other boyfriend, he would have hugged her firmly and said no.

    Bo Muyi knew that being stubborn was useless against Su Cha. As he spoke, he hugged her and frowned.

    It felt like he was angry but did not dare to lose his temper at Su Cha.

    Having known that Bo Muyi would not agree so easily, Su Cha changed her posture and hugged his arm. This made her appear to be in a weaker position. She looked at Bo Muyi and said softly, "But Muyi, it's not that I want to live with anyone else, I just have to. I am participating in an entertainment show because I want to be famous. If I don't go join them, it won't benefit me much."

    "Besides, I can come back often."

    She placed her palm on Bo Muyi's palm and continued, "And it seems that that show will be broadcasted 24 hours a day. As long as there are cameras around, you can see me. You can also see what I am doing."

    Bo Muyi was conflicted.

    He looked at Su Cha with a deep gaze and lowered his eyes. The emotions in them were surging, but it was hard to tell what he was thinking.

    Su Cha knew that Bo Muyi wanted to know what she was doing, but Bo Muyi did not know that she often stayed at home.

    Now that she had entered the show, the advantage was that she would be exposed to the camera wherever she went for 24 hours. At least this man would know what she was doing.

    "I… I have to go overseas next week."

    Bo Muyi suddenly spoke.

    Su Cha was a little surprised. "How long?"

    Bo Muyi looked at her with his deep eyes. "There's something I have to deal with. I was planning to tell you later. If you stay for now… you can go after I leave."

    Su Cha heaved a sigh of relief. "Okay!"

    She thought that if Bo Muyi had pushed for his way a little further, she would have decided not to go to the dormitory. But luckily, it seemed that this big shot had something on, because he would not have agreed otherwise.

    He had to leave next week, and it was impossible for him to take Su Cha along. At that time, there wouldn't be much difference whether Su Cha stayed in the dormitory or in the Lookout Pavilion. Moreover, if she lived in the dormitory, he would be able to see her every move through the cameras, as Su Cha had said, because she would almost always be on display.

    In contrast, when she's staying at home, Bo Muyi never knew what Su Cha was doing. Therefore, it would be better for her to stay in the dormitory.

    At least he'd know exactly what Su Cha was doing!

    Su Cha smiled and sat on his lap, looking up at him. "Why are you going abroad next week? Is it a business trip for the company?"

    "Yes, almost."

    The man's slender fingers caressed her smooth face gently. His voice was tender and pampering. "I have a few business matters to discuss and have to deal with other matters. I can't estimate the exact time I'll finish, but I will rush back as soon as possible."

    As he spoke, he moved closer to Su Cha's face, his breath hot and intimate. "But Cha Cha, you have to call me every day during this period. Video call me."


    Su Cha smiled as she agreed readily. "I will tell you everything."