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Chapter 308 - I Am Just Afraid That You Will Forget Me Someday

The Queen of Everything
     Chapter 308: I Am Just Afraid That You Will Forget Me Someday

    "Yes," he responded softly.

    As the atmosphere gradually heated up, even Su Cha thought he was going to do something. As she closed her eyes quietly, she suddenly heard the man say in her ear, "Cha Cha, do you think about your parents sometimes?"


    She opened her eyes in confusion. "Why did you suddenly ask me this question?"

    "Sometimes I don't want to tell you, but sometimes, I'm not sure if you even want to know."

    He lifted Su Cha up and rested his face on her neck. "Do you think I'm selfish sometimes?"

    He did not want to tell her anything.

    He hoped that she could remember, but he also hoped that she could not.

    "No. Why would you think so?"

    Su Cha touched Bo Muyi's hair and said gently, "I wasn't thinking about that."

    She had a casual attitude regarding her parents.

    She thought that if they could give her to the Su family back then, it didn't matter if it was because they had some difficulties since they did not look for her again after so many years.

    Until now, she was still using Su Mingzhe's family name. It was easy for her parents to come back to look for her, but they did not.

    Before she returned to her past life, no one had said that there was something wrong with her family background.

    Therefore, she thought that there were probably people who did not want her to find her biological parents.


    Bo Muyi was looking puzzled. "Cha Cha, I don't know how you lost your memory."

    Su Cha was stunned.

    "I was in the Imperial Capital when I received the news that something had happened."

    He recalled what had happened back then. He seemed to be a little reluctant, and his face turned pale. "I saw you, but you didn't remember me anymore."

    At the thought of this, a trace of pain flashed in his deep and dark eyes. At that time, he was also going through something very difficult. Su Cha's memory loss was undoubtedly a huge blow to him.

    After that, he returned to the Imperial Capital and followed that person's wishes. He did not disturb her and just watched silently.

    But his grandfather's death had left a deep scar on his already battered heart.

    He could not take it anymore, so he went to Yonggu City to find Su Cha.

    The result of finding Su Cha was not so good, which was why certain things happened later.

    Su Cha could not help but feel sorry for Bo Muyi. She hugged his head and said, "Don't think about it. Let bygones be bygones."

    She did not want this to happen. It was just that people sometimes made mistakes. Bo Muyi said that she had lost her memory, but it was not her intention.

    At that time, she never dared to dream of Bo Muyi. That was why she chose to run away and was willing to let Zhai Yao control her life.

    She pressed her cheek against his and said softly, "Muyi, what happened in the past was not good. Let's both forget about it. If you don't want me to remember, I won't think about it anymore. It's enough that we're like this now."

    To her, the past had already happened.

    The only thing she needed to change now was her fate. As long as she did not end up in a tragic state, as long as Bo Muyi was still around, everything else was no longer important.

    He sighed softly, and one could only hear a faint sadness and helplessness. "I'm just afraid that you will forget me someday."

    Everything was like a dream. If something like that really happened one day, Bo Muyi would probably not be able to accept it.