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Chapter 352 - The Secret Treatmen

Can't Take My Eyes Off You
     Chapter 352: The Secret Treatment

    “I will be here; you should go and see to your things. It has been a few days since you went to work, it is not good to push your work back for too long. Once you are done, you can always come back here.” Jiang Yao saw the opportunity and grabbed hold of it.

    Luo Ruoran looked at the old lady on the bed with a serious expression and turned her gaze toward Jiang Yao. She finally nodded and thanked Jiang Yao, “Sorry to trouble you, I will be back once I am done over there!”

    Just as swiftly, she grabbed her belongings and left in a hurry.

    After making sure that Luo Ruoran had left, Jiang Yao hurriedly shut the door. She walked toward Grandmother Liang and retrieved the set of silver needles and the medicine she had boiled the day before in the Medical System.

    Having spent the entire day before practicing in the System Laboratory, Jiang Yao was very accurate when inserting the needles into the various pressure points on Grandmother Liang’s body. Even then, she could not help but feel a little tense every time the needles were stuck into the body that was lying motionless in front of her. In just a short while, her palms were sweaty. She had to keep wiping her hands dry with napkins.

    The whole process took a little over half an hour. After the acupuncture treatment, Jiang Yao fed Grandmother Liang the medicine that she had prepared.

    Having wiped off the black liquid stains around Grandmother Liang’s lips, Jiang Yao tidied up and put away her silver needles. She looked at Grandmother Liang’s steady breathing and exhaled deeply, pleased to have finished the acupuncture treatment with no hiccups.

    It was then that she saw that throughout the whole process, she had used more than half a bucket of napkins to wipe off her sweat, realizing how tense and anxious she was.

    According to the results from the System Laboratory, Grandmother Liang should wake up within one to two hours after the treatment. The medicine was meant to stabilize her blood pressure, while the acupuncture treatment was used to unblock her blood vessels. These were very powerful treatments and should see effect rapidly.

    While Jiang Yao was entirely focused on the acupuncture treatment, a person stood right outside the hospital room for a full five minutes just watching.

    Zhou Weiqi looked at Jiang Yao’s actions through the transparent glass on the door, not making a sound at all. He saw Jiang Yao’s serious expression when inserting the needles, her actions were swift and accurate, it seemed like she had done it over a few hundred times. He saw that she would wipe her palms with a piece of napkin after every two needles had been inserted, before returning her focus back onto the acupuncture process.

    Zhou Weiqi did not stop her, even though he knew that she had only started medical school just a month ago. He refrained from pushing open the door.

    He was sure that Jiang Yao knew exactly what she was doing. She would not have done it if she were not confident in the results.

    How could a medical school freshman proceed to treat an old lady with such finesse and rigor was up to anyone’s guess, but Zhou Weiqi knew in his heart that Jiang Yao would never want to harm Grandmother Liang.

    He looked at the porridge in his hands. Smiling, he turned and threw all of them into the garbage can right by the stairwell. He walked downstairs, drove out to the restaurant, and bought the exact same food again.

    After cleaning herself up in the bathroom, Jiang Yao came out to see Zhou Weiqi in the room with takeout boxes.