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Chapter 377 - Was It Anger or Jealousy?

Beware Mr. Officer, Tread Carefully!
     Chapter 377: Was It Anger or Jealousy?

    Tang Jinyu turned his head around to speak to the senior member of the anti-terrorism team before returning his gaze to Jian Qi and Leng Yu. “Move, let’s go back!”

    Leng Yu nodded and began walking away.

    On the other hand, Jian Qi turned her head around to glance at Norman.

    Feeling a little confused, Norman returned her gaze only to find that she was smiling at him.

    Although Norman did not understand why she was smiling at him, he did not have any reason not to respond. Therefore, he smiled in return.

    When Tang Jinyu saw what was happening, he could not help but frown. “Let’s go!” He said in a deepened voice.

    Only then did Jian Qi look away and begin walking away obediently.

    Tang Jinyu walked after her with a gloomy expression on his face.

    After the three of them left, the senior officer approached Norman. “Do you know that female soldier?”

    “No, I don’t. We just bumped into each other.” Norman shook his head.

    The senior officer watched as Tang Jinyu and the others walked away. Thereafter, he turned to look at Norman. “Do you remember who you are, what you should say and what you shouldn’t? Do you know what kind of people you should not be acquainted with? I’m sure you have a good idea!”

    “Yes, Sir!” Norman lowered his gaze slightly to hide the glimmer in his eyes as he subconsciously frowned.

    The man did not say anything else and proceeded to leave.

    When Norman looked at the senior officer as he was leaving, he clenched his fists a little tighter next to him on both sides.

    There was a gloomy look in his eyes.

    The next time he looked up, a look of calmness had returned to his eyes. As he turned to look in the direction that Jian Qi and the others had disappeared into, Norman began to relax his hands.

    After turning around, he walked toward the tent made for a single occupant in the corner.

    When everyone saw that Tang Jinyu was with Jian Qi and Leng Yu on their way back, they were stunned for a moment.

    Was it a coincidence that they returned together?

    Or did Boss capture Big Sister Qi roaming around and brought her back here?

    When the group eventually landed their gaze on Leng Yu’s face, they saw that she had the usual cold expression on her face.

    Meanwhile, they could not detect anything on Jian Qi’s constantly evil and naughty expression.

    However, as soon as they saw the cold expression on Tang Jinyu’s face, they instantly understood that Big Sister Qi might have done something wrong.

    After the group of people had sat down, Tang Jinyu looked around at everyone. There was a cold look in his eyes.

    Meanwhile, everyone fell silent.

    They could sense a murderous intent from the look in his eyes.

    Contrary to how restless everyone felt, Jian Qi was completely relaxed. “Instructor Tang, why did you return so soon?” She smiled and asked.

    Tang Jinyu looked at Jian Qi and he snorted. “If I didn’t come back sooner, you would have grown wings and flown away!”

    “Although I’m a little fairy, I don’t actually have wings!” Jian Qi answered calmly in her usual self-obsessed manner.

    Everyone. “…”

    ‘Young lady, can’t you feel the tense mood?’

    However, everyone was still curious as to what exactly Jian Qi had done to make Boss emanate such coldness.

    Despite the hot weather, they felt a little cold right then!

    On the other hand, Leng Yu still seemed calm. However, she was confused about whether Boss was angry at Jian Qi for roaming around or if he was jealous because Jian Qi smiled at the man earlier.

    Without moving at all, Tang Jinyu stared at Jian Qi for several minutes. To his utter annoyance, Jian Qi pretended as if nothing was wrong and even winked at him.

    After taking a deep breath helplessly, and as a form of compromise, Tang Jinyu looked away and proceeded to sit down.

    “Now, let me summarize the situation…”

    After hearing Tang Jinyu speak, Jian Qi was finally able to relax.

    ‘D*mn, my heart nearly stopped!’

    ‘This person’s eyes are terrifying to look at!’

    Tang Jinyu’s gaze had appeared to convey anger and suspicion at the same time. Jian Qi felt as if he was seeing right through her soul.

    As Jian Qi shivered in fear, she reminded herself to be more careful when she did something the next time. Regardless of what might happen, she could not let Tang Jinyu discover her motives.

    Otherwise, her cover would be blown!