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Chapter 363 - The Person He Loved Had Always Been Yun Rou (1)

My Mr. Gu is Courting Death Again
     Chapter 363: The Person He Loved Had Always Been Yun Rou (1)

    It was Su Ziqian…

    Recently, her relationship with Gu Yu had taken a turn for the better and was constantly improving. Enveloped in Gu Yu's gentleness returning, Xu Weilai had almost forgotten that Su Ziqian existed.

    The last time she had seen Su Ziqian was at the Gu Corporation's Year-End Gala where she had gotten into a fight with her. Now that she thought about it, Xu Weilai realized that she hadn't even seen her on television, newspapers, or magazines. There hadn't been any news of her for a long time; it was as if she had disappeared off the face of the earth.

    Given the number of programs she had been invited to appear on, it was impossible that she was lacking exposure…

    What was going on?

    Su Ziqian wasn't too surprised to see her. She had already seen Gu Yu holding her in the ballroom with a smile on his face. She had even noticed a hint of warmth on that handsome face that had always been cold and emotionless.

    During the past three years, Su Ziqian had accompanied Gu Yu in attending many banquets, but she had never received such treatment. He had always been distant and indifferent towards her. She never experienced such tenderness from him!

    In the three years that Su Ziqian had been with him, she had never gotten any affection from him. However, Xu Weilai had taken everything away from her just when she returned. It was all thanks to Xu Weilai that things turned out that way…

    Xu Weilai and Su Ziqian were both so consumed by their own thoughts that neither of them spoke. There was no movement for a while either until a loud voice suddenly rang out.

    "Su Ziqian, you shameless bitch! I've finally found you!"

    Two women rushed into the bathroom quickly. Before Su Ziqian could react, they held her in place from both sides while a very elegantly-dressed woman walked in. She stood in front of Su Ziqian and grabbed her by her hair, forcing her to look up. Then, she delivered a few tight slaps to her face.

    The sound resonated throughout the empty space, and Su Ziqian's face immediately swelled into a fierce shade of red.

    "You slut! Now that Mr. Gu's dumped you, you've got your eye on my husband? Su Ziqian, I'll leave you with a warning; if you dare to try any of your tricks on my husband to seduce him, I won't let you off so easily the next time!"

    "Now that you've been blacklisted and no longer have any money to spend, you're looking for a man to depend on? That explains why Mr. Gu couldn't be bothered with you and dumped you. You're truly disgusting!"

    "Su Ziqian, you'd better not let me see you again, or I'll make your life in the capital a living hell!"

    "Let's go!"

    When the two women holding Su Ziqian in place heard her, they flung Su Ziqian off, causing her to lose her balance and crashed onto the wall.

    The woman scoffed, turned around, and marched out in her high heels with her friends behind her.

    Xu Weilai never expected to witness such a scene.

    She had still been wondering what Su Ziqian had been up to this entire time. That woman had given her the answer.

    It turned out that Gu Yu had broken off his relationship with Su Ziqian…

    How did that happen? Had Gu Yu dumped and blacklisted Su Ziqian because she had offended Gu Yu at the Year-End Gala? Was that why she had to resort to wrecking someone else's marriage for money?

    Xu Weilai once thought that what Gu Yu felt for Su Ziqian was true love. Judging from the situation now, however, it had probably been nothing but her own imagination.

    "Ha ha ha…"

    Having landed on the floor in a pathetic heap, Su Ziqian suddenly burst out in laughter. She looked over at Xu Weilai with a menacing aura in her eyes, as if she couldn't wait to tear her into shreds.

    "Xu Weilai, I'm sure you must be very happy to see me in this state, right?"