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Chapter 558 - Marry Me, Your Highness (1)

The Unparalleled Spiritual Doctor: Demon Emperor's Defiant Love
     Chapter 558: Marry Me, Your Highness (1)

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    “Goddess, ever since you rejected me, my glass heart shattered into a thousand pieces. When I heard that you wanted to come see me, it started beating again.” Blossoming Flowering Tree held his hand to his chin and looked at the sky dramatically. His green robe fluttered despite the absence of wind. Flowers around them bloomed one by one. The only thing he lacked was pink bubbles as a special effect.

    “Then you should just let your broken heart remain that way!” Yun Jiuge said without any expression. “You’re a great man, but there’s something wrong with your brain. This is why I removed you from my harem back then.”

    “My beloved, your words have hurt me.” The Blooming Flowering Tree clasped his chest and spoke as if he was reciting a love poem, “Even though you’re very heartless, I still love you. I’ve prepared a banquet in the Demon Forest for you. Please do me the honor of attending the banquet.” He bowed earnestly.

    Yun Jiuge looked around her again. The Demon Warriors had already occupied the area around them within a three miles radius. It would be very difficult for Yun Jiuge to clear the way with the current artillery on the ship. Moreover, she did not want to drop all pretense of politeness with Blossoming Flowering Tree yet.

    Zi Shang moved restlessly in Yun Jiuge’s pocket. He was tempted to fly out of her pocket to teach a lesson to Blossoming Flowering Tree, who had overstepped his boundaries.

    Yun Jiuge reached into her pocket to hold him in place. After that, she looked at Blossoming Flowering Tree saying, “What if I refuse to turn up at your banquet?”

    “Then it’ll make me very, very sad. Perhaps, I’d even do something irrevocable…” A worried expression appeared on Blossoming Flowering Tree’s handsome face.