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Chapter 4

Cultural Invasion into Isekai
     Chapter 4: This Isn’t Right

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    While Zenarth was out looking for the actresses, Joshua started to write his script.


    Now that he was back to the middle ages with his charcoal pencil, Joshua began to miss the times he could write a script or plan by just smashing the keyboard.

    While using a pencil was fine and dandy, it was much, much slower compared to using a keyboard. Efficiency be damned.


    Despite that, Joshua was glad that the physical capabilities of a Chaos Demon were far more superior to that of a human. The same was for his reaction speed and that allowed him to write rapidly across the paper.


    Soon, a series of roman alphabets appeared on the paper.


    Writing a television script was a lot simpler than a novel, but given that his actors were extreme newbies who had no idea what a movie was, Joshua had to pen the screenplay in a manner that allowed them to understand what he was trying to portray.

    Getting the script done was easy for Joshua, as he just needed a little time to edit the original script.

    A good movie comprised not only of a good script, but it also depended on the actor's skills, the camera angles, the special effects, music, and so on.

    Joshua did not have to worry about things like special effects either. This was a world with real magic, and "special effects" did not need to exist. Everything that happened on screen would be real since no special effects could not be done by lobbing a few spells here and there.

    The only thing Joshua felt could be problematic was the control of the camera angle.

    He put down his pencil and picked up the magical camera from the table.

    Its outer design was similar to those wooden box cameras from the 18th century while its black surface was engraved with an unknown rune. Joshua infused it with magical power and the rune operated the camera in place of gears since magic served as a power source.

    Then came the material used to record images. People in this world called it originium.


    It was a highly-malleable material, not unlike industrial raw materials like silicon, bronze, and silver back on Earth.

    It was a very useful item, and aside from its inability to be molded into strong weapons or armor, it could be the conduit for every magical element and was something every spellcaster would carry along.

    The methods for using originium to create items ranged from processes like alchemy, metallurgy to runesmithing... There was a myriad of ways to change the object's structure.

    The originium in Joshua's hand had been processed to become a storage medium that could record images, and he had just tested the usage of the item.

    As long as it was infused with magic, the stored image would be displayed on any surface through a holographic projection.

    There were no concerns regarding the quality of the image projected since the resolution was based on the input of magic power into the device.

    The only downside of the device was that…

    "Why is this thing one-use-only?"

    Joshua took an originium crystal that had something recorded in it and tried to place it into the camera to continue recording again only to notice that the new footage had overridden the older one.

    Was he doomed to shoot the entire film with only one camera? If it were a ten-minute micro-film Joshua might have still considered it, but his plan was a full-length feature film about a hundred and twenty minutes long!

    Using a single camera to film the entire thing was even beyond Spielberg, one of the best Hollywood directors, much less an amateur director like Joshua.

    He needed to figure out a way to resolve the issue.

    "Since this is a magic world, I may as well use magic to solve this. Science be damned…"


    Joshua tried to put two originium crystals with recordings together as he infused them with a stream of gray magic.

    The two crystals seemed to be attracted to each other and started to fuse. Even the footage within them fused together.

    Did that just work? Joshua kept tight control on his magical powers since the fusion had yet to complete. The temperature of the fusing crystals shot up before falling rapidly.

    Science reminded Joshua of its existence in a brutal stroke as the two crystals, after experiencing rapid and extreme temperature fluctuations, became so brittle that they simply crumbled in front of him.

    "I was actually controlling fire and ice at the same time?"

    Joshua looked at the magic floating before his hand.

    It was a type of magic unique to the Chaos Demons, and its specialty was… being chaotic to the point of almost making the prince go berserk.


    The magic was almost like the Chaos Knight's Chaos Bolt in DOTA. Before the attack actually hit and the damage counter appeared, you would have no idea how much damage you had actually caused.


    Chaos was something a researcher never wished to see, and that was the reason why the prince had thought of learning human magic.

    Therefore, he forayed into the Human Realm.

    As he sighed deeply, Joshua gave up on the wasteful and foolish endeavor.

    After a day of writing the script, the water elemental servant appeared by Joshua's door again as she took the role of a loyal messenger pigeon.

    "Your Highness, your Lifeward, Zenarth wishes for you to go to the reception hall."

    Civilians who brazenly entered the Royal Castle without any permission would be subjected to an immediate death sentence. For a member of royalty who allowed a group of unknown civilians into the castle, it was seen as an irresponsible move that endangered the safety of the other members of the Royal Family.

    Joshua definitely did not want to court unnecessary trouble.


    After he tidied up his things, he placed the half-completed script on the table and followed the elemental servant to the reception hall outside the castle.

    A good ten minutes later, Joshua finally arrived at the reception hall outside the Royal Castle as Zenarth's massive frame stood close to the entrance.


    "Your Highness, due to the peculiarities of my race, I have no concept of femininity, so I only sent word across the city. They have been waiting for a while now."


    Joshua forgot that a Sin Demon like Zenarth bred via "splintering" and did not have any gender. Obviously, his sense of beauty for females would be non-existent as well.

    Hence, as Joshua tried to come up with all kinds of excuses to dismiss Miss Evil Eye, Lady Skeletor, or Madam Gargoyle, he soon found his concerns to be unfounded the moment he pushed open the door.


    They were quite the lookers.

    That was the first thought that came to mind the instant Joshua saw the group of female demons in the hall.

    The second thought was, did he just accidentally enter a brothel or some sort of succubi pleasure parlor?


    The atmosphere was just too goddamn erotic.

    "They are all succubi?" Joshua whispered to Zenarth behind him.

    From the outer appearances of the female demons gathered in the hall, they fit the bill of a succubus in his memory.

    "Yes, Your Highness," Zenarth replied.

    "Well, whatever works I guess."

    Joshua found a chair in the reception hall and sat down as the demons on duty quickly got the succubi to form a long line.

    Such commitment, such efficiency... If not for the fact that the light source beside Joshua was a candle, he would not have believed that he was in the middle ages.

    The demons were a race that adhered strictly to hierarchy, and Joshua's identity as a Chaos Demon alone was enough to impose absolute order on everyone present.

    He then took out the pen and paper he brought from his room and began to take notes.

    Actually, the succubi would make fine casts because all of them were beautiful, and their bodies were curvaceous. They were perhaps the only race amongst the demons that could be considered pretty.

    All of that aside, they were just a tad b*tchy… No… not a tad.

    "Your Highness, no matter what you desire, my sisters and I will do it for you."


    The first succubus for the interview opened her luscious lips as her tongue slithered out. As to what she had alluded to, Joshua did not need to guess.