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Chapter 35

Cultural Invasion into Isekai
     Chapter 35: Guide

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    Promoting video games in this world was also part of Joshua's plans. However, Joshua's progress with the production system was only about twenty percent done. Obviously, it was still a distant dream to create a large-scale game with the current system.

    So, Joshua's initial idea was to create some simple pixel games similar to Pong, like Super Mario, Castlevania, and the like, but Hyrlan's arcane device gave him a new plan.

    That plan was to make arcade machines.


    Joshua's introduction to video games, aside from the classics on the Famicom[1], was mostly through the arcade hall.


    He wanted to specifically create an arcade machine that could run Hearthstone. Then, he would figure out a way to get the account and registration function to work before he put a number of them in a random bar, where purchasing more card packs would require more coins.


    The price of one card pack was to be set at one gold coin.


    When Joshua first came into contact with Hearthstone, he really felt like there was nothing more pleasant than having a bottle of beer before logging in for another game.

    "The Heartstone Tavern" plan was definitely feasible. Joshua believed that the simple yet fun card game would definitely be popular in this world.


    Before Joshua could get to building his "Hearthstone Tavern", though, he faced an embarrassing problem that most would also face... He had no money.

    "Hyrlan, as Ciri has mentioned, I'm actually... a culture expert, and I came to this city to visit a theater."

    Joshua found out that the demon prince never knew the concept of currency because his status as the third prince entailed that what he needed in the Demonic Realm could be obtained without money.

    However, in the human world, Joshua's status was completely useless, so he fell into a dilemma.

    No one in this world would die from poverty, and the basis of investment was to have a capital. Joshua's capital was in his suitcase.

    Now, Joshua was ready to maximize the value of "Beauty and the Demon".

    "A theater... You plan to take Ciri to a show?"

    Hyrlan swept her gaze across Ciri and Joshua. Hyrlan had watched Ciri grow up, and she knew that Ciri's strong character made it difficult for her to like someone.

    Yet, seeing how Ciri was standing beside Joshua and nudging him, it was clear that her little sister had a favorable opinion of him.

    "No, not to attend a show, but to talk business with the owner of the theater. Hyrlan, do you know which theater in the city is owned by the Dalkes?¬†"

    "The Dalkes... I think you're referring to the Weissenasche Theater."

    Joshua had told Hyrlan about the potential value that her device could bring to her, and he managed to sucker her into temporarily agreeing to cooperate with him.

    Plus, Hyrlan did not wish for her mother's legacy to collect dust in the tiny little atelier.

    "It's not too far from here, just across the river."

    Hyrlan opened the atelier's door as she prepared to play the role of a guide.

    The district across the river was Norland's uptown, the location where almost all of Norland's magical institutions were located.

    Prior to Joshua's arrival, Hyrlan had already made plans to close her atelier and return to her academy to continue her studies, but Joshua's words made her see a little hope again.

    "Please follow me."

    With Hyrlan leading the way, Joshua and Ciri came to the uptown district of Norland, which was just opposite the river.

    Along the way, Hyrlan gave Joshua an introduction of the city's structure.

    Norland, the City of Magic could be roughly divided into two levels: the surface and the underground. The ones living on the surface were mainly human mages, while the ones living underground were the dwarves.

    In fact, the dwarves were the original residents of Norland. They had lived within the ancient ruins beneath Norland, and the entire race had dug countless underground tunnels as well as mines to explore the ruins.


    Not long after, the humans were also attracted by the ruins. While the dwarves were physically stronger than humans, they were inferior to men in terms of their magical talents and understanding of those complicated runes within the ruins.

    Hence, the dwarves agreed to receive assistance from humans, and it took over hundreds of years for the human mages to build the world's most prosperous city on the lands above the originally dwarven citadel.

    The curiosity and humility of the magi won them the respect of the dwarves, and that friendly relationship lasted until today. One of the members of the Council of Seven, the highest ruling organization of Norland, was a dwarf.

    Joshua had indeed seen many dwarves along the road, and there were many shops set up by dwarves as well.

    "This is the Weissenasche Theater. It seems like there are no troupes performing here today."

    Hyrlan stopped in front of a grand building. Compared with the endless stream of people in the shopping street earlier, the front of the theater looked a little deserted.

    "No performance?"

    If Joshua was right, it would have likely been the most lively period in Norland since the upcoming World Exhibition in two months had attracted the attention of numerous great countries across the world. They had come to the city weeks, even months in advance.

    From the perspective of a business person, this was definitely a time of limitless business opportunities, and if a theater company had a performance now, it would undoubtedly attract the attention of audiences all over the world, literally.

    "If you'd like to watch a show, go to Norland National Theater on Belzik Street! Blackswan Theater Company from Farucci, the Nation of Arts is performing! You can even meet Miss Gallolie, the Flower of Farucci there!"

    A little boy holding a leaflet suddenly ran toward Joshua and exclaimed.

    "Blackswan Theater Company?"

    Joshua took the leaflet handed over by the little boy. The leaflet seemed to be handwritten, and the address of another theater was clearly indicated alongside the program list.

    It looked like peer competition existed in all ages.

    Joshua was just about to ask the specifics of the theater, but the little boy had already disappeared into the other side of the grounds, continuing his publicity work.

    That made Joshua give up the idea of running over to the boy to ask him questions. Instead, he walked up the stairs to the Weissenasche Theater with his suitcase in hand.

    It was deserted. The moment Joshua stepped into the theater, he found that while the theater's interior was luxuriously and artistically decorated, the theater hall was rather empty.

    "Our apologies... we do not have any programs on at the moment. If you are here for a visit, I can show you around."

    The theater's attendant saw Joshua coming in and immediately came over to greet him.

    "I'm here to see the manager of the theater."


    Joshua took out the badge that the Duke of Bones gave him and flipped it between his fingers. If it was someone who did not know the origin of the badge, they would have thought that Joshua was simply playing with a coin. However, the attendant clearly recognized the emblem on the badge, and his expression turned slightly nervous.

    "This way, Sir..."

    The attendant immediately changed the way he addressed Joshua and led him to a secret corridor by the side of the theater.