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Chapter 52

Cultural Invasion into Isekai
     Chapter 52: Going Out

    In the next few days, the word of mouth promotion of "Beauty and the Demon" had explosively spread across the entire Magic City of Norland.

    Norland was in a preparation period for the World Exhibition, and at this moment many countries had sent envoys to Norland. Not only envoys, but countless nobility and mages from across the world had also rushed over to participate in the grand event that only happens roughly once a decade.

    This resulted in at least half of the "Beauty and the Demon's" box office was from foreign audiences.

    Native Norlanders only account for a very small part of the box office, the rest were mages with dual nationalities of Norland and another country that had come to Norland to study.

    In just a few days, "Beauty and the Demon" had set out a whole new wave in Norland as the film's plot became the talk of the youngsters and even the noble ladies during afternoon tea. Imitations of the golden dress that Belle had worn had also appeared in many clothing boutiques across Norland, and something known as ‘hobbyist' items back on Earth.

    The movies, this brand new form of performance, riding upon the wave of ‘Beauty and the Demon' had spread across Norland like a contagious virus.

    And the one most affected by this virus was no other than the legendary ‘Flower of Farucci', Gallolie.

    She was now standing on the stage of the Norland National Theater and was raising the curtains for her fourth performance…

    Gallolie had been in an absent-minded state while performing. In the past, no matter how boring she found the program was, she would still continue to perform seriously.

    And her absent-mindedness today was that even the audience's attention was not on her.

    There were far fewer audiences today than before, and when the curtain fell at the end of the show, Gallolie could vaguely hear the audience talking about Belle…

    Gallolie walked down the stage and came to the backstage.

    "Why didn't you bring me along when you watched ‘Beauty and the Demon' yesterday?"

    "Didn't you managed to get a ticket this morning? How about that, the demon prince's mane must feel really comfortable."

    "But he is a de…."

    Gallolie stood behind the two ladies who played supporting roles in the troupe. After noticing Gallolie's presence, they immediately stopped talking.


    Gallolie's position in Blackswan Theater was absolute as the troupe was originally created by Gallolie's father for his daughter.

    "Don't mind me, go get some rest."

    Gallolie's expression did not change and still maintained a proper smile. The two ladies quickly left in a hurry after seemingly being pardoned by Gallolie.

    After they left, Gallolie fell silent for a moment as she walked into the dressing room to change out of her heavy dress and chose a simpler dress.

    "Mistress, could it be that you are intending to find that man…"

    "Have you sniffed out his identity?"

    Gallolie looked at the mirror and bundled her waist-length long black hair up, as she spoke to the dark shadow that appeared in the mirror's reflection.

    "That… Mistress, you should not meet that man. Really."

    The shadow's tone seemed to be slightly irritable.

    Yet, Gallolie's expression was very calm and seemed like she had already made up her mind.

    "You just need to tell me his identity and what is his background like," Gallolie said.

    "I had tried, but I could not find anything at all."

    "Could not find anything?"

    Gallolie stopped combing her hair and looked back at the shadow behind her, a slight surprise finally appeared on her face.

    "You are the best disciple of the Guardian of Blackwood, and you could not get any information even with your clan's unique runes ‘Hiding' and ‘Perception'?"

    This was the first time Gallolie had heard her personal guard said that.

    "Actually, I know two of the places he lived at, but I dare not get too close to him…as I will get detected. He seemed to be able to sense my presence."

    The shadow recalled the experience of her recent recon and monitoring, and recalled something that she had to mention.

    "Not only that, but I also sensed a terrible power with him!"

    "How terrible?"

    This was also the first time Gallolie saw her guard being so afraid.

    "There was an aura of death around him. I had killed many necromancers before, but the aura he has was far more terrifying than any of the ones I had faced, plus he had the taint of demons…"

    The information mentioned by the shadow was enough to create an image of a big boss behind a sinister dark organization.

    "Then are you able to protect me?"

    Gallolie continued to comb her hair and removed all of the light makeup on her face.

    "Of course, no problem. Hold on a minute… Mistress, I've said so much and you still want to meet him?!"

    "Which two places is he living in?"

    The shadow's irritability did not affect Gallolie as she walked out of the dressing room towards the area outside of the backstage.

    "I… I'm going to tell the duke…"

    She had slightly panicked but Gallolie held her hand out into the void and instantly grabbed onto a fair arm. As the arm appeared, a pointed ear popped up as well as it jittered a little.

    There was a large number of black runes inscribed on the surface of the arm, and the glow radiating from the runes gradually began to fade.

    "Keep this matter secret from father, or you'll know the consequences."

    Gallolie's burgundy eyes stared calmly into the void as if knowing that the person in the shadow was standing there.

    "U… Understood."

    The voice in the shadow was a little vague before disappeared altogether, and Gallolie also pushed open the door and left the backstage.

    "Ms. Gallolie!"

    Professor Salinya had been waiting at the entrance for a while now, and he was prepared to tell Gallolie about the next performance schedule.

    But when Professor Salinya saw Gallolie in plain clothes and a new hairstyle, he had realized that this Black Swan no longer want to stay in the lake docilely anymore!

    "Ms. Gallolie, where are you going?"

    Professor Salinya had already been ready to be Gallolie's tour guide at any time. Recently he had been nursing a bellyful of annoyance as the Weissenasche Theater had completely robbed him of his business in just a few days!

    What annoyed him the most was that he had bought tickets to the Weissenasche Theater, and he bought it more than once!

    How could he not control that hand of his!

    And that was thought that had popped up in Professor Salinya's mind at this moment.

    The only card he had in hand that could beat the Weissenasche Theater was Blackswan Theater…

    "I heard that a new tavern had opened up three streets in front of the theater," Gallolie said.

    "A ta…tavern? Ms. Gallolie you cannot go to that filthy watering hole like that, there are nothing but stinking dwarves and mannerless drunks there!"

    Professor Salinya had no love for dwarvenkind, these underground miners had never known how to appreciate art, or rather, they had never bothered even contributing a ticket sale to his theater, and even those pompous elves would still bring him some income.

    "You still harbor racial prejudice?"

    Gallolie glanced at the shadow behind her. Many years ago, humans indeed bore prejudice against the other races, especially against the elves and the dwarves, but ever since the appearance of Norland, this place had become the center of worlds and had also become the center where the various races across the world intersect. Under Norland's influence, the prejudice humans once harbored against other races had slowly disappeared, and instead, it became an honor to know a High Elf or a Dwarven master.

    And to find someone still prejudiced against the dwarves was indeed rare.

    "No.. that's… Allow me to lead the way."

    Professor Salinya had driven himself into a corner with no avenue for an explanation, so he could only use this method to change the topic.

    So Gallolie came to the outside of the theater and got on the carriage as it slowly brought her towards the commercial street now too far away from the Norland National Theater.