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Chapter 364 - The Person He Loved Had Always Been Yun Rou (2)

My Mr. Gu is Courting Death Again
     : The Person He Loved Had Always Been Yun Rou (2)

    Once Xu Weilai was pulled back from her thoughts by Su Ziqian's words, she looked at her again.

    She didn't care much about Su Ziqian's current circumstances, and she couldn't be bothered with how she was faring either. Even though they had once been rivals in love, Gu Yu had already broken off all contact with her. Thus, she no longer needed to pay her any heed.

    Rather than wasting her time discussing useless topics here, she preferred to spend her time by Gu Yu's side, mingling with other guests.

    After all, Gu Yu had paid her a hundred million to make an appearance with him; she had to be dedicated to her job!

    Xu Weilai looked away. Acting like she hadn't heard a word, she moved her feet and walked to the door. Then she opened it and stepped out.

    Su Ziqian burst out laughing like a madwoman.

    The other day, Gu Yu had told her that the favor she had received had been because of a promise someone had made to her parents. He had only been helping that person keep her promise. He had never harbored any feelings for her.

    She was unable to accept such an outcome. She couldn't believe that Gu Yu never had an ounce of affection for her. With that, she wondered if Gu Yu was lying to her. Perhaps he was facing a predicament he couldn't talk to her about and had no choice but to treat her this way.

    Therefore, she had to get to the bottom of it and find out if his words were true. She had to find out if the person and the promise he spoke of truly existed.

    With that, she went back to ask her adoptive parents. Her current parents were not her biological parents; she had gotten lost as a child, so she could neither remember who her biological parents were nor where she had lived. Hence, she had been sent to the orphanage and had later been adopted by her current parents.

    However, her adoptive parents told her that no one had made any promise to them. Since it wasn't them, the only other possibility left was her biological parents.

    All these years, she had never thought of finding her biological parents, despite becoming rich and capable, because the only memory she had of them was that they were very poor. As such, she had no desire to be associated with them.

    Not only were they useless to her, but they were also likely to drag her down. Having already been an outcast in Gu Yu's circle, she was despised by everyone. If news emerged that she had impoverished parents, that would further increase the distance separating her and Gu Yu.

    To learn the truth, however, she had spent plenty of money hiring a private investigator before she had finally been able to locate them.

    In order to please them, she had put on a show of mutual affection and met them with tears in her eyes. Then, she had gotten straight to the point and asked them the question.

    It turned out that everything Gu Yu had said had been true.

    Because of a coincidental encounter, her biological parents had obtained that person's promise.

    Her biological parents had been searching for her. They had mentioned that she loved to perform and wanted to become a star in the future so that everyone would be able to see her.

    Hence, that person had promised to help them find their daughter and do everything in her power to help Su Ziqian become a superstar.

    Everything Gu Yu had done was thanks to that person. That person was none other than…

    At that thought, Su Ziqian looked at the image of Xu Weilai's back and her eyes filled up with hatred. Her hatred was quickly suppressed and replaced with mockery and sympathy.

    Su Ziqian spoke again and enunciated each word clearly. "Xu Weilai, do you think you've won now that Gu Yu has dumped me? Is that why you're ignoring me?"

    She continued, "Xu Weilai, I feel so sorry for you, because… what I am now will be what you become in the future!"

    Xu Weilai kept walking straight out, apparently uninterested in what Su Ziqian was saying.

    Naturally, Su Ziqian was unable to accept such treatment. It was difficult for her to rise up from the ground and catch up with Xu Weilai in three steps. Standing in front of her to block her way, she continued, "Xu Weilai, considering that we're about to share the same fate, I'll tell you this. Yu was so good to me for three years all because of Yun Rou! Yun Rou was his first love! The person he's loved has always been her!"