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Chapter 1019 - Uproar in the Social Circle

Reborn Aristocrat: Return of the Vicious Heiress
     Chapter 1019: Uproar in the Social Circle

    After delivering the good news to Grampy, Wen Xinya immediately told the good news to the elders in the circles with whom she had a good relationship. Aunt Zhou and Teacher Tang expressed their congratulations and admiration, in addition to some words of encouragement and teaching.

    Aunt Zhou and Teacher Tang were both talented women in the circle whose encouragement and teaching was desired by many. Wen Xinya was overwhelmed by joy and also felt honored.

    After hanging up the phone, her friends called immediately. Wen Xinya was so overwhelmed with the incoming calls it was a miracle the phone did not explode.

    Zhou Tianyu: “That was terrific, sister. You are no doubt my good sister. Let’s meet at Ninth-Heaven tonight for a celebratory banquet. Don’t be late!”

    Xu Tongxuan: “Xinya! The difficulty of the national college entrance examination this year was comparatively more difficult than last year. Considering your achievement, you’ll be at least in the top three. Doesn’t this count as an achievement in both learning and love?”

    Du Ruo: “Xinya, congratulations on your good results in the college entrance examination. I am really proud of you. Let’s see if those who expected you to do badly can still laugh. Oh, for the Ninth-Heaven celebration party tonight, you must come early!”

    Gu Junling: “Xinya, were you hiding your true ability during the mock quizzes? You must have been deliberately performing below your potential and planning to surprise those who looked at you as a joke, right? That’s evil, simply too evil!”

    Ling Qingxuan: “Xinya, I have hired the internet squadron. You can rest assured that within an hour, your college entrance examination results will be across the internet. I will also expose the results of those who were preparing to laugh at you. I must satisfyingly slap their faces.”

    Han Mofeng: “As soon as Xinya showed her prowess and the results were released, it no doubt took everyone by surprise. No more needs to be said than congratulations. By the way, remember to bring Ruoruo to the celebration party tonight.”

    Xu Zhenyu: “Girl, I heard from loony that you scored 703 points. As I said, it was merely the final examination! It was nothing for you! Girl, I will be back soon. Wait for me!”

    A warm and fuzzy feeling filled Wen Xinya’s heart.

    Since the release of the college entrance examination results, all her calls and text messages were filled with congratulations and blessings—a joy she had never experienced.

    At the same time, this achievement was an affirmation of her three years of hard work. This was a sense of accomplishment beyond words.

    At this moment, Lan Feng Institute quickly announced the results of the final examination in the school column. The first place scored 712 points, and Xinya placed second with 703 points. With Lan Feng Institute in the second place, the entire college was overwhelmed with joy.

    This level of honor made every student of Lan Feng Institute feel a sense of pride.

    This was because prior to the college entrance examination, rumor had it that Wen Xinya was going to take the test at the design faculty of Capital University. She was seen as arrogant for not understanding the depth of the test. Furthermore, Poise Magazine had also made the design fashion trend more relevant to people.

    Now, having achieved second place, it felt as if Xinya had grown wings and could fly over the Capital city.

    Wen Xinya had done Lan Feng Institute proud and made a name for herself.

    Previously, when people heard the rumors of her intention to take the test of the design faculty of Capital University, she was regarded as arrogant and ignorant.

    But now, with her results, she had proved to everyone that she had the capacity to achieve her aspirations.

    The forums of Lan Feng Institute blew up, resulting in the message: “Server is busy, please wait for a moment.” For the students, the error message’s red font was too irritable.

    Damn, the labor-management is making a fuss. What should we do?

    I want to hit my mouse. What should we do?

    The server is too bad!

    Don’t mess with me!

    Server, screw your uncle! Are you going to get slower?

    Server, screw your second uncle! You had better be faster.

    It is reported that in just an hour, Lan Feng Institute had knocked out a dozen disks and broken hundreds of mice.

    Of course, Wen Xinya did not know about this, as she was in an infinite loop of answering the phone, hanging up the phone, and then answering the phone.

    After Liu Yanhua had persistently dialed her phone thirty-two times, she could not help but wipe the sweat off her face. The gentle girl could not help but want to curse at her cell phone. She thought she should prepare a special cell phone for Missy, in case of something important, as this situation was delaying.

    Liu Meizhi shakingly dialed with her fingers and said, “Xinya, quickly go to Weibo and the forums because as soon as your final examination results came out, these public platforms will burst. I hired a team to process the information.”

    Liu Meizhi, who had never experienced a college entrance examination, said, “The college entrance examination is really crazy!”

    After hanging up the phone, Wen Xinya went to Weibo using her computer.

    On her official Weibo, the comments were visibly refreshing at a constant rate.

    “She must have cheated, it is impossible to achieve such a high score. She was previously on leave for half a month and went to join the Ai Shang Group. Without a special review, how could she have gotten such a high score?”

    “The one who lives upstairs, please put away your jealous and ugly face, it is really ugly. In this world, there is a word called ‘academic overlord.’ If you want to know what that means, go to Baidu, they will be happy to give you an answer, Queen V5!”

    “When others do well, it is cheating. What kind of thinking is this? Dear, your worldview is broken! Put away your jealous face, it is disgusting! Queen… ignore the disgusting people, we will always support you.”

    “I realize that Queen is good at slapping people’s faces. When she had just returned to the Wen Family, during the homecoming party, there were so many people waiting to laugh at her as a joke. As it turned out, she turned into a butterfly and slapped god knows how many of her haters’ faces.”

    “There are so many more examples that I will not point out, but I advise those who are biased towards Queen, those whose hearts are extremely distorted, whose minds are extremely dark to wait to have their faces slapped by Queen!”

    “Queen V5, her capability is boundless. It dominates the world, rivers, and lakes!”

    “Queen, please accept my allegiance! Allow me to worship you.”

    “Queen, make all the ugly and jealous people in the world tremble beneath your feet like ants!”