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Chapter 475 - Fighting Medusa Again

Let Me Game in Peace
     Chapter 475 Fighting Medusa Again

    Zhou Wen frowned slightly. Although Lucas’s words made sense, he knew very well how powerful Medusa was. Even if Lucas could unleash the power of that strike back at the manor, it would probably be very difficult to injure Medusa.

    However, even if Zhou Wen persuaded Lucas, he definitely wouldn’t listen under such circumstances. Even if he knew it meant death, he would definitely advance.

    “Little girl, you said that you have a Companion Beast that can block Medusa’s Eyes of Petrification, right? Is that true?” Zhou Wen asked Barbara.

    “Who are you calling a little girl, you kid? I’m older than you, okay?” Barbara glared at Zhou Wen.

    “Alright, Missy. You said that there’s a Companion Beast that can resist Medusa’s Eyes of Petrification, right?” Zhou Wen asked as he looked at her.

    “So what if I do? Don’t get any funny ideas,” Barbara said as she looked at Zhou Wen warily.

    Zhou Wen pointed at Lucas. “It’s too dangerous for Lucas to fight Medusa. Why don’t you lend him your Companion Beast?”

    “You think I don’t want to? But my Companion Beast is a piece of clothing. It’s only useful if I wear it. The clothes transformed from a Companion Beast can’t be worn by others. How can I help him?” Barbara asked.

    “Clothes? Is it an invisibility cloak?” Zhou Wen asked in surprise.

    Unless it was an invisible cloak that Medusa couldn’t see, Zhou Wen didn’t know what other clothes could prevent someone from being petrified by the Eyes of Petrification.

    “What are you thinking about? How could I have an invisibility cloak? My Companion Beast can turn into sunshade clothes; it doesn’t have the ability to turn invisible.” Barbara pointed at the cloak-like clothes on her body.

    Such clothes transformed from this Companion Beast can resist Medusa’s Eyes of Petrification? Zhou Wen sized up Barbara’s clothes.

    She wore something that looked like a large cloak that wrapped around her entire body. It was silver in color, making it very eye-catching. It really didn’t seem like it had invisible properties.

    “That’s right. I’m very sure that it can resist Medusa’s Eyes of Petrification. Back then, Medusa looked over at me, and many people around me were petrified. Only I managed to escape. I was completely fine,” Barbara replied.

    “What kind of Companion Beast transforms into your sunshade clothes? What are its uses?” Zhou Wen asked.

    “The sunshade clothes were obtained from a Legendary dimensional creature I killed at the beach. Its name is Silverleaf Shell. Its companion form is the sunshade clothes. It has a certain level of defense, but it’s not strong. It’s mainly used to defend against fire. After wearing it, even the flames of the Fire Sprites in the Metalwork Temple can’t hurt me.”

    Is it just fire-resistant clothes? And it’s a low-level Legendary Companion Beast. Yet, it can actually resist Medusa’s Eyes of Petrification? The more Zhou Wen listened, the more incredulous he felt.

    There were many armors that could defend against fire, but it didn’t seem like any of them could defend against Medusa’s Eyes of Petrification.

    Seeing that Zhou Wen didn’t believe her, Barbara said angrily, “It’s up to you whether you believe me or not. I’m telling the truth anyway.”

    Sunshade clothes… Fireproof… Wait… Could it be because of… Zhou Wen suddenly had an idea as he thought of a possibility.

    According to what Zhou Wen knew, snakes didn’t have good vision. It could be said that they were extremely short-sighted. As for some snakes, they had infrared thermal detectors. They could sense the body temperature of creatures to track their prey.

    Medusa was not a snake, but if she was considered a snake and if her Eyes of Petrification also possessed infrared thermal detection functionality, it could explain many things.

    For example, why her Eyes of Petrification could only petrify creatures, not dead objects like buildings.

    For example, why was it that Barbara’s sunshade clothes were able to withstand Medusa’s Eyes of Petrification? That was because not only were the sunshade clothes fire-resistant, but they also prevented Barbara’s body temperature from dissipating. As such, Medusa couldn’t see her, so she naturally couldn’t be petrified.

    Of course, the Eyes of Petrification couldn’t be as simple as just detecting body temperatures. It was likely at a higher level. Therefore, even Companion Beasts could be petrified. However, by doing so, one could probably know the main effects of the Eyes of Petrification and figure out a way to crack it.

    Although Zhou Wen wasn’t afraid of the Eyes of Petrification, Lucas didn’t have such an ability.

    When he thought of Lucas, he realized that Lucas had already run to the bottom of the three-story building where Medusa was standing. He peeked his head out from behind to check on the situation, as though he wanted to rush up.

    This fool. Don’t tell me he really wants to fight Medusa head-on? Just as Zhou Wen was thinking about it, he saw Lucas suddenly leap up with the gigantic ax in his hand. With a terrifying golden divine light, he cleaved at Medusa’s neck without any hesitation.

    “Lord Lucas, you can do it!” Barbara waved her fists excitedly as she cheered Lucas on. It was clear that Lucas held a very high position in her heart.

    Zhou Wen was also somewhat surprised by Lucas’s strength. He had clearly just expended his Essence Energy not long ago, but to be able to produce a strike that wasn’t inferior to the one he delivered in the manor was indeed surprising.

    Could it be that the saying that an idiot isn’t afraid of exhaustion is true? Zhou Wen thought to himself.

    Lucas’s sneak attack on Medusa from behind was not a bad idea. Unfortunately, Medusa did not only have a pair of eyes. The poisonous snakes that her hair had transformed into were all her eyes.

    Just as Lucas jumped up, he had already been discovered by Medusa. Medusa turned her head and looked at Lucas, who was in midair and cleaving down with both hands.

    It’s over! Zhou Wen sighed inwardly. Although he wanted to help Lucas, he wasn’t able to make a move in time. Furthermore, even if he did, he couldn’t deal with Medusa. All he could do was guarantee his escape.

    Something that exceeded Zhou Wen’s expectations happened. Medusa’s gaze landed on Lucas’s body, which was enveloped by the golden divine light. It failed to petrify his body. However, the god-like golden light on Lucas’s body dissipated. His body flew out like a cannonball.


    Lucas’s body crashed into a building, shattering the glass windows of the building.

    “Even Lord Lucas…” Barbara covered her mouth as her eyes widened in disbelief.

    Zhou Wen saw that Medusa was actually chasing after Lucas, so he said to Barbara before rushing out of the building, “Go and see how Lucas is doing. I’ll lure Medusa away.”

    “Do you have a death wish?” Barbara reacted and went to pull Zhou Wen back, but he had already rushed out of the building. He had actually leaped into the air and slashed at Medusa with a huge sword in his hand.

    The sword beam that resembled a wheel of sunlight violently spun and slashed at Medusa. The venomous snakes on Medusa’s head welcomed the sword beam. Many of the poisonous snakes that could even tear a helicopter to pieces were actually sliced apart by the sword beam. After landing on the ground, they turned into black pieces of hair.

    Medusa didn’t pursue Lucas again as she turned to look at Zhou Wen.

    Barbara was alarmed, thinking that Zhou Wen was doomed. However, she was surprised to discover that Zhou Wen wasn’t petrified.