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Chapter 309 - The Guitar Has Been Switched

The Queen of Everything
     Chapter 309: The Guitar Has Been Switched


    Hearing those words, Su Cha's heart ached. "It really won't happen. Even if I forget the whole world, I won't forget you."

    Bo Muyi had been insecure for a long time. After all, he had already experienced it once.

    Su Cha had lost her memory of him.

    What if she forgot him again?

    Even such beautiful memories could be forgotten in an instant. During such a time, who could bear it?


    He reached out and hugged Su Cha tightly.

    He hugged her too tightly.

    However, this was the only way he could feel a sense of security.

    He lowered his eyes. In the end, he did not say anything important and hesitated.

    He could not accept Su Cha's accident, so he pretended that nothing had happened before.

    He and Su Cha now had a brand new future.


    Bo Muyi agreed to Su Cha staying in the dormitory, but she had to wait until Bo Muyi had left for a business trip next week.

    She told the production crew about the delay and they were fine with it. Anyway, the current stage of the competition would not end until next week.

    However, since the recording of the television program was not a live broadcast, everyone still had to be present. Even if Su Cha had already passed, she had to sit in the contestants' seats to watch.

    The competition became more and more exciting as the competition progressed. Many contestants who were not good at stage performances had become more adept at it, which meant that sitting here was not boring. It was just as if she was attending a small stage concert.

    Right now, the contestants in the holding area were all still competing. As there were already 10 contestants who had passed, the remaining ones had to compete for the rest of the 20 spots.

    By then, Su Cha's group would have had an additional advantage.

    However, halfway through the competition, Su Cha saw a contestant going on stage with an ugly expression.

    She was carrying a huge guitar. Su Cha had an impression of who this contestant was. She was a talented contestant with a calm voice, but her creativeness was more notable. The lyrics and melodies she wrote were very suited to her strengths, so the judges were quite impressed by her. After all, she was a talented and creative person, which was a very popular type among producers.

    However, she did not perform well today. Su Cha, who was a layman, could tell that her sound was off, and thus, her singing had failed.

    Following this performance, the contestants' expressions became increasingly ugly.

    Su Cha was not the only one who could tell. Many contestants below the stage had noticed it and they were whispering to each other. Could it be that she became nervous after reaching this stage?

    But that did not seem to be the case.

    Su Cha narrowed her eyes and finally noticed something different. The guitar in the contestant's hand was not the one she used to use.

    Because there were many contestants in the competition, Su Cha did not know everyone, but she had at least seen this one before and was familiar with her. However, it took her a while to confirm that the guitar in her hand was not the one she had brought.

    Su Cha remembered that this girl had always taken care of her guitar. Why did she change her guitar after entering such a crucial stage of the competition?

    She did not seem to be familiar with the new guitar.

    When the day's competition ended, Su Cha heard a contestant whispering, "Hey, why did Fu Bin switch guitars? Didn't she always treasure the original one?"

    Obviously, Su Cha was not the only one who noticed that her guitar had changed.