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Chapter 476 - No Way Ou

Let Me Game in Peace
     476 No Way OuWhile Barbara was feeling alarmed, Zhou Wen's figure flashed as he ran towards the other end of the street. His speed was so fast that she couldn't see his trajectory. He was like a ghost, appearing once in a while at an unbelievable speed.

    Medusa let out a sharp cry as though she had turned on an accelerator and chased after Zhou Wen.

    Zhou Wen hadn't planned on fighting Medusa head-on. The injuries on his body hadn't healed yet, so it wasn't suitable for him to fight a high-intensity battle. If it was a battle, perhaps an intense clash of strength would tear his organs apart once again.

    He continuously used Ghost Steps. Thanks to having infinite Essence Energy because of Slaughterer, Zhou Wen could use Ghost Steps continuously. He lured Medusa towards the sea.

    Seeing that Medusa had been led away by Zhou Wen, Barbara hurriedly jumped off the building and ran towards where Lucas had fallen.

    Lucas spat out a mouthful of blood. Some of his skin had already been petrified, but it didn't look too serious. Before Barbara could even reach him, Lucas had already crawled out of the ruins.

    "Where's Medusa?" Lucas looked around but did not see Medusa.

    "The youth who came with you led her over there…" Barbara pointed in the direction that Zhou Wen had left with a strange expression. Then, she couldn't help but ask, "Lord Lucas, who is he? He's actually able to ignore Medusa's Eyes of Petrification. Furthermore, his speed is crazy fast. I've never seen anyone as fast as him…"

    Barbara wanted to say that he was faster than Lord Lucas, but she swallowed her words in the end.

    "He's a friend of mine. He's a stronger hero than me." As Lucas spoke, he went in the direction that Zhou Wen had lured Medusa away.

    A hero even more powerful than Lord Lucas? But he's still so young, how is that possible? Barbara was shocked.

    Gritting her teeth, Barbara saw a motorcycle beside her. As the owner was petrified and the key was still in it, she immediately got on and turned the key. The motorbike came to life normally and she chased after Zhou Wen and Lucas.

    It wasn't just Zhou Wen. Many Epic experts in the city had chased after them. Although they didn't dare to go head-on against Medusa, they couldn't just let Medusa do as she pleased.

    Unfortunately, they were much slower than Zhou Wen and Medusa. Soon, they were left behind.


    Medusa's body slammed through the thick wall and directly came out of a building. The venomous snake's head spewed venom as it rained down on Zhou Wen.

    Zhou Wen flashed to the back of another building. The venom splattered on the wall, causing many holes to appear on the wall made of concrete and steel.

    Despite using Ghost Steps continuously, Zhou Wen wasn't as fast as Medusa. He had to rely on various buildings and terrain to barely ensure that Medusa wouldn't catch up.

    Medusa's speed is really too fast. If it were another non-speed-type Mythical creature, I wouldn't have to go through so much trouble. Zhou Wen's figure flashed as a devilish gaze nearly grazed his cheek, exploding a cafe.

    Zhou Wen leaped into the air and avoided the flying rubble and various glass shards. He stepped on a piece of flying glass with his toes and used Ghost Steps to propel himself again.

    However, before Zhou Wen could land, Medusa had already rushed to the spot where he landed. A venomous snake swept over.

    Instantly, he switched to the Godfiend Life Providence. The White Shadow of Poison appeared behind him and flapped its wings. Zhou Wen's figure charged into the sky, dodging the venomous snakes' devouring.

    Medusa suddenly exerted strength in her feet as the hard concrete ground cracked open. She leaped into the air like cannonballs as she chased after Zhou Wen. She shot out shocking finger beams as her palm grabbed at Zhou Wen's flying body.

    Zhou Wen's body drew a strange arc in the air like a flying immortal. There was something elegant in the midst of a close call. He dodged Medusa's repeated attacks and charged into a building that had over twenty floors.


    Medusa also crashed into the wall, causing a huge hole to appear in it. Fragments splashed out everywhere.

    Zhou Wen lured Medusa all the way to the seaside. He had originally wanted to escape from Medusa in the city, but he ultimately failed. All he could do was attempt to escape through the sea.

    As he was chased and fled, Zhou Wen tried his best but was only barely able to avoid being caught by Medusa. It was impossible for him to counterattack.

    Even if he were in his best condition, he would not be a match against Medusa.

    After running for more than an hour, he finally arrived at the beach. Zhou Wen plunged into the sea and unleashed the Nine Dragons Art, swimming deep into the sea.

    Although there were many dimensional creatures at sea, it was not easy to find a terrifying existence like Medusa in it.

    However, Zhou Wen soon realized that his decision wasn't that correct.

    After Medusa chased him into the sea, her speed wasn't affected at all. She was still as fast as before. The head of the venomous snake became even more agile as it constantly attacked Zhou Wen like a fish in water.

    Zhou Wen immediately recalled that in legends, Medusa seemed to have an affair with Poseidon. Fighting in the sea wasn't difficult for her.

    In the sea, it was disadvantageous for him to use Ghost Steps. All Zhou Wen could do was rush out of the sea and use the Godfiend Life Providence to charge into the sky.

    Medusa probably doesn't have the ability to fly, right? I'll flee to a high altitude. I don't believe she can still catch up. Zhou Wen tore out of the water and summoned White Shadow of Poison to flap its wings again as he charged towards the sky.

    Medusa also leaped up from the sea like a ferocious sea monster. She bared her fangs and brandished her claws as she charged at Zhou Wen. Light constantly shot out from her eyes as her snake hair swept towards him.

    Zhou Wen's body constantly changed his position as he drew a strange arc with his figure. He moved in the air as though he was on the ground. He constantly borrowed force to dodge Medusa's repeated attacks.


    Gravity took over Medusa's leap as she fell back into the sea. The waves that were dozens of feet high were stirred. She really could not fly.

    Zhou Wen was immediately delighted. Back in the game, he had been sealed in the palace. He had no chance of flying into the sky. He never expected Medusa to have such a weakness.

    However, before Zhou Wen could be happy, he saw Medusa spread a pair of swan-like wings behind her back and fly up again.

    F**k you. Why didn't you use your wings just now? Zhou Wen could only continue fleeing, but he still couldn't escape Medusa. He was chased to the point where he had nowhere to turn.