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Chapter 378 - Do You Know Norman?

Beware Mr. Officer, Tread Carefully!
     Chapter 378: Do You Know Norman?

    “The Eagle Organization is one of the three biggest international mercenary organizations in the world. They specialize in providing mercenaries to external parties to carry out assassinations or acts of terrorism!” Tang Jinyu explained before handing a USB flash drive over to Feng Yi.

    Feng Yi hurriedly turned on the computer before inserting the USB flash drive and projecting its content onto a white screen nearby.

    “This eagle’s head represents the organization’s logo,” Tang Jinyu said.

    When Jian Qi shifted her gaze to the screen, she frowned. ‘It’s this thing again!’

    Jian Qi was well acquainted with this organization. Moreover, when she first prepared to enter the Special Fire Team, someone from this organization had approached her.

    “About that…” Jian Qi raised her hand.

    “What is it?” Tang Jinyu stopped speaking to look at her.

    “I received their invitation in the past…” Jian Qi began to speak.

    As soon as she said those words, everyone turned to look at her instantly.

    Feng Yi looked equally shocked.

    After all, he was the one who personally investigated Jian Qi when she first joined the team. He had practically investigated her from the time she was in an orphanage until now.

    However, he truly did not know anything about this matter.

    The fact of the matter was, this was something dangerous!

    After all, the Eagle Organization was one of the strongest among the three biggest mercenary organizations in the world.

    This organization would do whatever they could to poach anyone they set their eyes on. Moreover, the benefits they offered were extremely attractive.

    Very few people could resist these tempting offers.

    However, how was Jian Qi able to resist such temptation?

    Without a doubt, and as soon as Jian Qi said those words, the entire room became quiet. In fact, it had become even quieter than when Tang Jinyu was speaking earlier!

    “Are you all doubting what I said?” Jian Qi asked with a chuckle.

    Everyone shook their heads in unison.

    Doubting their own teammate was not something they would do!

    After spending so much time together, they would not doubt what Jian Qi said merely because of a single sentence.

    However, they were curious about why this organization had approached Jian Qi, and how Jian Qi was able to resist their tempting offers.

    “Feng Yi, brief the others about the following information. Jian Qi, come out with me!” Tang Jinyu said in a deep voice before standing up and walking out of the tent.

    As everyone observed the two leaving, they could not help but murmur softly among themselves. “That was such a huge secret. Boss must be infuriated!”

    Leng Yu glanced at the group of people and warned, “Continue to look at the information. Don’t gossip!”

    When they saw Leng Yu’s piercing gaze, they immediately came back to their senses.

    After all, they would get physically hurt if Leng Yu were to lose her temper.

    They could not afford to make this violent girl angry.

    Meanwhile, Jian Qi walked out after Tang Jinyu.

    Realizing that members of the anti-terrorism team were patrolling about, Jian Qi subconsciously looked around. Tang Jinyu, who stood next to her, noticed her behavior.

    “What are you looking for?” He asked coldly.

    As Jian Qi shifted her gaze back to Tang Jinyu, she smiled. “I was looking for a quiet place for us to talk, Instructor Tang…”

    “Follow me!” Tang Jinyu uttered coldly as he looked at Jian Qi.

    Jian Qi calmly followed him.

    As the two began walking further away, they eventually arrived at a place far away from where they were before Tang Jinyu came to a halt.

    When Jian Qi saw that the edge of the cliff was right in front, she looked at Tang Jinyu and asked, “Instructor Tang, are you prepared to obliterate all traces of murder?”

    “Do you have something on your conscience?” Tang Jinyu looked at her.

    “I only have you in my heart!” Jian Qi flirted calmly.

    “Be serious!”

    “I have been answering your questions seriously the whole time!” Jian Qi looked at him innocently. “I answered whatever you asked. How am I not being serious?”

    “Do you know Norman?” Tang Jiny asked as he stared straight at her.