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Chapter 1020 - What a Cowardly Turtle Indeed

Reborn Aristocrat: Return of the Vicious Heiress
     Chapter 1020: What a Cowardly Turtle Indeed

    Wen Xinya knew that the final examination was a matter of public concern and each year when it was released, an uncountable number of parents and students went crazy over it. The examination also saddened many students, so Wen Xinya was mentally prepared to prevent herself from getting a shock.

    She never thought that her examination results would result in such a huge stir. Xinya’s Weibo was still constantly ringing with various discussions and, according to Liu Yanhua’s calculations, there must have been at least a hundred thousand discussion threads. Her public forums were also filled with endless posts.

    Congratulations and well wishes constantly poured in from her teachers and peers. Even the discussions on her college’s forum were endless and almost caused the server to crash!

    Xinya knew that the news of her scoring 703, under Ling Qingxuan’s marines, was estimated to have spread throughout Capital city. Although she was uncertain of what people in the social circle of the Capital city were discussing, she knew that they are not quiet too.

    As for Grandpa, ever since the news of her college entrance examination results broke, he would lie on the sofa endlessly making calls to his old friends to share the wonderful news. Of course, he did not boast but stayed humble in his words so as to not sound too proud.

    Even her grandmother, who never liked her that much, could not help but share the joy with her friends when on phone calls with them. As grandmother spoke, her face would beam brighter with pride.

    The only person who was not too happy was Wen Haowen.

    Ever since Wen Xinya’s results were released, he was in a state of doubt.

    How was it possible? From the numerous times he checked in with Wen Xinya’s teacher in charge, they reported that scoring even 680 in small examinations and tests was a miracle.

    It was impossible for Wen Xinya to get such a high score.

    Did she cheat? If she did not cheat, it would be impossible for her to score that high.

    Wen Haowen looked at Wen Xinya cryptically.

    Wen Xinya naturally understood the obscure emotions in his gaze and looked at him with slightly tucked corners of her lips. Wen Haowen did not want to know that she scored better than him and did not want to hear his jokes. She knew this from the start, but… She looked at the computer screen showing the scores in red and was afraid that it might let him down.

    Wen Xinya spoke to her Grandpa and went back to her room.

    The handphone kept ringing with messages. If Wen Xinya saw that the message was not important, she would switch it off and her whole world would become calm.

    She climbed on the dresser and looked at the crystal jar on it. The little turtle was submerged on the bottom, motionless. In the last three years, its head seemed to not have grown in length. It was still the same, cute and unique. Only the shell on its back seemed to have changed. The lines on it deepened, showing it had indeed changed a little.

    Wen Xinya was bored and stuck her hand into the crystal jar and picked the little turtle out. She held it in her palm and the turtle’s originally hidden neck shrunk in further into the shell. Even its tail was nowhere to be seen, making it look like an empty turtle shell.

    Wen Xinya looked dotingly at Little Si on her palm and said, “What a cowardly turtle, indeed. I have kept you as a pet for three years but you are still afraid of your owner.”

    Little Si was also used to this exotic little master, always speaking to him tenderly, so he quietly stuck his head out and a pair of mung bean-sized eyes slipped out, looking particularly clever.

    Wen Xinya reached out her hand and nodded her little head. The little turtle’s head retracted into the shell instantly. Wen Xinya suddenly felt overwhelmed and said, “Haha! You are too timid, and there is no one else like me!”

    Little Si poked out his head again and his tail came out at the same time, the pair of green bean-like eyes seemed to keep alert at all times.

    Wen Xinya unexpectedly reached out and grabbed his little tail, hanging it by the tail. “Haha, I caught it!”

    There was this period of time where she particularly liked to catch Little Si by its tail, but because Little Si was so timid, it always retracted its tail before she could catch it, and she could only catch it a few times. Because of this, Wen Xinya regarded this a game and played this with Little Si every day. Now, she could grab its tail eight out of ten times. Every time she managed to catch its tail, she’d get particularly excited.

    When Little Si was dangled in the air, its head stretched out, together with its four short legs waving frantically, looking particularly cute.

    Wen Xinya was mesmerized by Little Si, gently placed it in her palm and rubbed his shell lightly with her finger and said, “Little Si, when do you think he will come back?”

    Little Si went back in its shell.

    Looking at the little turtle, she could not help but wonder why he had given it to her then and wondered what Little Si could bring to her. Was it a message from Si Yiyan?

    Wen Xinya whispered, “Little Si, I miss him so much! It has only been a few days since we separated, and he called me before too! It’s like we never parted!”

    Shrunken into its shell, Little Si quietly poked its head out showing small green eyes. He looked around and realized that little master did not notice him and he grew confident.

    Wen Xinya sighed. “Could this be what people always say? A day apart from you feels like three autumns.”

    Little Si fully poked its head out and even the hiding tail quietly extended out.

    Wen Xinya climbed on to the dressing table and weakly said, “Little Si, I obtained an excellent score of 703 for the final examination, which is why everyone is calling to congratulate me. I am very happy and I want to share the good news with him, to share my joy and happiness, but I guess he is busy now. If I call him now, will I be disturbing him?”

    Wen Xinya was filled with doubt, but Little Si lifted his head with an air of arrogance and cuteness.

    “Sigh… Little Si, what do you think he is doing now? Do you think something is up? He has not called me for two days.” Wen Xinya felt upset and could not help it but pinch Little Si’s tail.

    Little Si waved its short legs as if in protest and retracted its head into its shell.

    Wen Xinya placed Little Si back into the water tank, and it immediately moved its short legs and sank to the bottom. “Little Si, do you think I should give him a call?”

    Wen Xinya casually picked up the vase which she cleaned in the morning, carelessly plucked the petals of the flowers in the vase and said “call” and then “don’t call”.

    “Don’t call!” She exclaimed as she plucked the last petal. Wen Xinya climbed back onto the dressing table and mourned, her mood gradually turning bad.

    No, start over.