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Chapter 3

Fate's Little Feral Consort
     Chapter 3: Chapter 3 Severance Before Marriage 2

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    In the room, as soon as Yun Qianyu said that, Yun Lei looked at her on the bed with disbelief. His face changed from white to blue slowly.

    As the Marquis of the Eternal Peace Marquis's Residence, he always had the highest authority. He was never ridiculed in his home, especially by his useless daughter.

    This made it more difficult for him to accept the situation. Immediately Yun Lei yelled, "Vile girl, how dare you talk to your elders like this. If I don't kill you today, then I'm not your father."


    He swung his hand toward Yun Qianyu on the bed. Yun Qianyu moved, and his slap hit the side of the bed.

    His palm hit the headboard, banging loudly. If it had landed on Yun Qianyu's face, she might have been killed.

    Even though it slap didn't hit her face, her involuntary movement still pulled on the wounds on her body. The pain brought out a wave of cold sweat.

    Yun Qianyu looked up at Yun Lei; her stare was cold which further angered Yun Lei. He subconsciously raised his hands again. He yelled, "what kind of look is that? I have to kill you today."

    However, this time, someone held back Yun Lei's hands. There was a soft and gentle voice, "Don't be angry, my lord. Have you forgotten why you're here?"

    With this, Yun Lei suddenly recalled what he came here to do. He finally put down his hand and stared at Yun Qianyu angrily.

    Yun Qianyu's eyes shifted from Yun Lei to the woman who was talking. The woman was very beautiful, and she was dressed meticulously. She looked like a young woman in her twenties. She was the wife of Eternal Peace Marquis Yun Lei, Yun Qianxue's mother.

    The reason why her predecessor was bullied by the entire residence and rejected by Yun Lei was to do something with this woman.

    Yun Qianyu looked coldly at them, and her lips were not smiling. Soon she would give back all the grievances she had suffered today.

    Yun Lei said angrily, "Vile girl, you'll pay for this later. Now there's another thing I need you to do. It's your wedding today with his highness Xuan Prince. But look at you now! How are you going to marry him."

    At last, Yun Qianyu recalled today's marriage and the man who sent his predecessor to the bandits. If it wasn't for him, her predecessor would never have died.

    Yun Qianyu thought about it and pretended not to know what Yun Lei was talking about.


    Yun Lei's face was blue again, and his fingers shook subconsciously. He thought that once he scared her, she would take the initiative to ask for his younger sister to take her place. Unexpectedly, she said nothing. How irritating!

    "You've ruined your face. How can you be worthy of his highness Xuan Prince? Even if you marry into Xuan Prince's residence, you won't be favored. In the end, you'll end up being divorced. So you might as well let your younger sister Qianxue marry on your behalf. This will not only save your honor but also protect the face of our house."