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Chapter 4

Fate's Little Feral Consort
     Chapter 4: Chapter 4 Severance Before Marriage 3

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    Yun Lei finished speaking, but before Yun Qianyu could speak, Liu Shi-the lady of the Eternal Peace Marquis who was waiting on one side-began to speak gently, "Yu`er, your father is doing this for your own good. You would only suffer after you marry the Xuan Prince. Unfortunately, we'll have to ask your sister to take your place to marry Xuan Prince. You should be considerate of your father's pains."

    After his wife said that, the Eternal Peace Marquis, Yun Lei, felt better.

    Yun Qianyu sneered at them, the pair of dogs in collusion. They clearly wanted Yun Qianxue to marry into Xuan Prince's residence and become Xuan Prince's princess consort.

    However, they acted as though they were doing this for her good.

    "My honor is already destroyed," said Yun Qianyu in a weak voice. "Why should I let my sister do something she is unwilling to do? I'll marry myself into Xuan Prince's residence and suffer."


    After Yun Qianyu said that, both Yun Lei and Liu Shi turned blue, both of them staring at Yun Qianyu.

    Yun Lei fumed.

    "You vile girl! You're already like this, and you still want to be with his highness, Xuan Prince? Do you think you are worthy? Compared to him, you're like the mud on the ground while he is the clouds in the sky. You're not worthy of his highness! Only a woman like your younger sister can match his highness. Why don't you let them be, instead of separating them? "

    After Yun Lei's speech, it was as though Yun Qianyu had become a villain, a big sister who took her sister's marriage.

    Yun Qianyu let out a sneer, but she winced at the hurtful words.

    How could she not feel hurt?

    "So, Father wants my younger sister to marry Xuan Prince and become the princess consort of Xuan Prince in my place. Why didn't you say this earlier? Why did you complain about wronging my younger sister? Isn't that what Father and Younger Sister wanted in the first place?" Yun Qianyu said unkindly.

    Yun Lei felt embarrassed, but soon anger filled his mind, and he stared at Yun Qianyu. "Do you agree or not?"

    Yun Qianyu replied without care, "Of course, I agree. That man is useless to me. Father should let Younger Sister marry him: They're a pair of scumbags made for each other."


    After hearing Yun Qianyu's answer, Yun Lei was relieved. At the same time, his face was blue. H


    Yun Lei looked at Yun Qianyu and ordered, "Since you agree to let your sister marry his highness in your place, you will announce in public later that you are not worthy of his highness Xuan Prince and are willing to let your younger sister marry him on behalf of you."

    After he said that, Yun Qianyu finally understood their purpose of visiting. They wanted Yun Qianxue to marry his highness and increase her reputation amongst others by getting Yun Qianyu to announce the marriage.

    Yun Qianyu looked sarcastically at Yun Lei and asked, "What if I am not willing to announce that? What if I don't want to say my younger sister is taking my place?"

    Yun Lei's face tensed up at once. This evil girl wanted to embarrass him again and again; it was clear that she wanted to die.

    "You can try. But if you don't announce it, you'll be dead."

    Yun Lei stared at Yun Qianyu angrily. Yun Lei's green pupils looked like the pupils of a venomous snake. He looked as if he were facing an enemy in battle, not his own daughter.

    Yun Qianyu wasn't afraid of him. She raised her eyebrows slightly and said, "Since you've put it like that, I'll come out and announce it."