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Chapter 7

Fate's Little Feral Consort
     Chapter 7: Chapter 7 Severance Before Marriage 6

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    Yun Qianyu was slightly stunned. She thought that the Phoenix ring had been destroyed. Unexpectedly, the Phoenix Lord followed her soul.

    Thinking of this, Yun Qianyu felt a warm feeling in her heart, because the ring was a gift from her adoptive father.

    As for the Phoenix, Yun Qianyu thought it was incredible. Although many people had said that there was a phoenix in the Phoenix ring, she didn't think it was true.

    "Are you really a phoenix? What was inherited from the guardian of the divine physician, Yan Huang?"

    Yun Qianyu stared at the ring on her hand and asked these questions.

    Soon a weak voice said, "I'm going to die. Why do I have such an ugly master? I don't want this."

    As soon as the Phoenix said this, Yun Qianyu's face turned blue. She said in a cold voice, "Shut up, if you were in front of me now, I would have strangled you."

    The voice inside her body was obviously frightened, and then shouted, "What a cruel master."

    "I asked you a question. Are you going to answer me or not? If you stall more, I'll punish you severely in the future. "

    Yun Qianyu said coldly and mercilessly. Although she had no fractures, her skin and flesh were greatly wounded. She had lost a lot of blood and was extremely weak. If not for her willpower, she would have fainted already.

    The Phoenix Lord's will was connected to Yun Qianyu, and she could easily feel the great willpower of her Master. This was the reason the Pheonix Lord knew that she was serious.

    The Phoenix Lord dared not act recklessly and quickly said, "The Phoenix ring has been passed down for many generations. It contains the inheritance of Yan Huang, and I am his guardian."

    When she said that, she paused for a while, and then said, "However, you can't open the Phoenix ring now. The divine physician, Yan Huang, has set a test."

    "You have to save people. For each person you save, you will get a corresponding score. When the points accumulated reach the amount set by Yan Huang, the ring will open, and you will get the corresponding inheritance."

    "The first level is a thousand points. You'll have to work hard, Master. When you open the first level, the beautiful Lord Phoenix will come out."


    As she said this, she felt her blood start to rise. She was excited. She could finally see the light at the end of the tunnel again. She had been sealed in the ring for so many years.


    In the next moment, her joy drained out of her as Yun Qianyu said,

    "Oh, you can come out if I open the ring. So if I don't save anyone, you'll just stay in the ring all your life."


    "What?" the Phoenix exclaimed. After some time, she came to the conclusion that her Master was extremely vengeful. What should she do? She didn't want to stay in the ring forever; she wanted to be free.

    "Master, you are so beautiful, you are so cute, you are so lovely. You are the cloud in the skies, the moon in the water. Your beauty is incomparable in the world. You are...are..."

    Yun Qianyu couldn't listen to this anymore, and yelled angrily, "Shut it."