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Chapter 8

Fate's Little Feral Consort
     Chapter 8: Chapter 8 Severance Before Marriage 7

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    This time, the Phoenix lord stayed quiet. Yun Qianyu sat on the chair and thought seriously. How

    Just as she was thinking, there was a sudden sound of footsteps outside the house, accompanied by familiar voices.

    "The favorable time has come; his highness Xuan Prince is in a hurry. It's time for the bride to come out and go to the bridal sedan chair."

    Yun Qianyu looked out of the door with a sneer.

    Two fat middle-aged servants came through the door. They looked at Yun Qianyu with an amused look and said, "First young miss, put on the red veil quickly. His highness Xuan Prince urges you to be quick."

    One of them quickly found the red veil in the room and put it on Yun Qianyu's head.

    Then, they went to the sides of Yun Quanyu and helped her walk out.

    Today was Yun Qianyu's wedding, so she was wearing her wedding dress.

    Now, with a red veil covering her head and face, no one would think that something was wrong.

    No one would see that she was hurt. To put it more extremely, no one would care even if they saw it.

    Although people couldn't tell, Yun Qianyu was dragged so hard by the two servants. She was in great pain, but this was not the most important thing.

    Since her foot was sprained, she almost fainted from being dragged because of the pain in her ankle.

    She could only bear it with her teeth clenched, but there was a drop of cold sweat on her face. Fortunately, her head was covered with a red veil, and no one noticed it.

    Even though it wasn't far, the pain made her feel as though she had been walking hundreds of thousands of miles. It was as though there were tens of thousands of needles in her ankle.

    Just when she thought she couldn't hold back anymore, she heard voices around her. Some called out faintly, "Here comes the bride."

    When they arrived, the two servants let go of Yun Qianyu's body at the same time. She almost fell to the ground as she was extremely weak, but was grabbed by another powerful hand.

    A man grabbed her and said unpleasantly, "You'd better do as I said before, or you will suffer."

    The one that held her was none other than the Eternal Peace Marquis Yun Lei.

    Yun Lei secretly warned her, but had a smile when facing the guests; he would gently nod to them from time to time.

    In the eyes of outsiders, Yun Lei was a loving and gentle father. No one knew how much strength he used to drag Yun Qianyu.

    Yun Qianyu blacked out from time to time, and her whole body was getting weaker. However, she was skilled and had medical knowledge, so this was nothing for her.

    She struggled to use one hand and struck hard towards several important acupoints on her body. After a few times, she finally felt better.

    At this time, someone came to her. At the same time, she heard the joyous cheers of the people around her.

    "Yu`er, are you ok? It's almost time for us to leave. We shouldn't miss the auspicious time."

    As soon as this man said this, Yun Qianyu's chest was filled with tremendous anger; this man was Xiao Tianyi, Xuan Prince, the bridegroom of today's wedding.

    It was clear that it was he who sent her to the bandits for her younger sister's sake. How could she marry such a dirtbag?

    Yun Qianyu suddenly reached out and lifted the red veil. The face under the cover was now revealed.

    Her face was messed up as blood and wounds covered every corner of her face.

    There were gasps all around. Some of the timid people almost fainted; some couldn't help exclaiming, "A ghost!"