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Chapter 10

Fate's Little Feral Consort
     Chapter 10: Chapter 10 Severance Before Marriage 9

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    In the courtyard of Eternal Peace Marquis's Residence, there was a moment of silence. Everyone looked at Xiao Tianyi in surprise; it couldn't be true, right?

    If so, his highness Xuan Prince was really cruel.

    Yun Qianyu had been his fiancee for many years. If he did not want to marry her, he could just say he didn't want to marry her. Why would he physically harm her?

    Xuan Prince, Xiao Tianyi, finally cracked. His face was no longer calm but filled with anxiety.

    "Yu'er, where did you hear this absurd story? Why would I do such a despicable thing? If I didn't want to marry you, I would have just said so. Why would I bother to create so much trouble?"

    After Xiao Tianyi finished, Yun Lei, who was not far away, came quickly and said, "Yes, Yu'er, how could his highness Xuan Prince do such a thing? Don't be foolish."

    If Yun Lei wasn't holding back, he would have strangled Yun Qianyu in public.

    He should have strangled her previously.

    She had promised to announce to the public that she would let her younger sister take her place, but she was creating so much trouble now.

    Yun Qianyu looked at both of them, Xiao Tianyi, Yun Lei, and thought, I won't let this go easily.

    She then said quickly, "Father, didn't you say to me earlier that his highness Xuan Prince and Younger Sister are in love? That they were a couple made by nature? That Xuan Prince wanted to marry my younger sister? Isn't today's marriage meant to be between his highness Xuan Prince and Younger Sister? "

    "Since this is their marriage, wasn't it Xuan Prince's ploy for the bandits to get me and disfigure me today?"

    Yun Lei's face turned blue. He reached out subconsciously to cover Yun Qianyu's mouth, but doing so would only confirm what she said. In the end, he could only bear with it and did nothing. His blood was almost suffocating him.

    On the side, Xiao Tianyi's face was gloomy.

    "Eternal Peace Marquis, what is she saying? When did I say this was the wedding of between this Prince and Qianxue? "

    Yun Lei opened his mouth but was speechless. For a long time, he couldn't think of something that could explain all of this. All the people around were looking at them intently.

    If it turned out that Yun Qianyu was telling the truth, the first young miss of the Yun family would be miserable.

    The woman would really be pitiful.

    Yun Lei knew that if he did not do anything, his highness Xuan Prince would hate him. Once this story went out, his highness Xuan Prince and his reputation would both be destroyed.

    Yun Lei wanted to do something, but he did not know what to say. At this time, there were sounds of footsteps behind him.

    "Here comes the bride. His highness Xuan Prince should come for her."