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Chapter 11

Fate's Little Feral Consort
     Chapter 11: Chapter 11 Two Imperial Edicts 1

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    In the courtyard:

    Everyone looked back.

    From the house, they saw another bride in a red wedding dress with a red veil on her head. She was supported by others all the way.

    It was Yun Qianxue, the second daughter of the Eternal Peace Marquis, Yun Lei. Yun Qianxue not only looked beautiful but also had a unique body of innate spirit meridian. Furthermore, she was in the Ling Yun Sect, a famous sect that had countless physicians.


    The Ling Yun sect was the number one sect in the world with countless excellent physicians and several alchemists in it. Even the royal family members of various states couldn't easily offend the people of the Ling Yun Sect.

    Since Yun Qianxue was in the Lin Yun sect studying medicine, she was very prestigious.

    Young and talented men not only from Dongli state but also around the world wanted to marry a talented and beautiful woman such as her.

    However, the person Yun Qianxue liked was Xiao Tianyi, the Xuan Prince.

    Although the two liked each other, Xiao Tianyi's fiancee was Yun Qianyu, the eldest daughter of the Yun family. The marriage was arranged by Xiao Tianyi's mother, Consort De, and blessed by the emperor.

    Although Xuan Prince's fiancee was Yun Qianyu, Yun Qianxue still clung to Xiao Tianyi's side and announced that she was willing to marry Xiao Tianyi and become his second consort.

    This won her countless compliments. Everyone said that Yun Qianxue, the second daughter of Eternal Peace Marquis's Residence, was a rare and passionate woman in the world.


    On the contrary, Yun Qianyu had become an inferior woman in other people's minds. Many people secretly cursed her for not dying sooner.

    But today, everyone's opinions changed. Everyone looked at the other bride, then at Yun Qianyu, a young lady whose face was mutilated and ugly.

    This woman was so pitiful. Not only was her fiance taken by her younger sister, but she also ended up with a mutilated face.

    Xiao Tianyi, the Xuan Prince, was really disgusting.

    The second young miss of Eternal Peace Marquis's Residence was also very cunning. She did all this to rob her elder sister of her marriage. It seemed that what the eldest young miss of the Eternal Peace Marquis's Residence said was true.

    This must have been plotted by Xiao Tianyi so that he could marry the second young miss of the Yun family smoothly.

    It was despicable, and it was shameless.

    People were born with the instinct to sympathize with the weak. At this moment, everyone was on the side of the eldest young miss of the Yun family.

    Xiao Tianyi and Yun Lei finally caught up with what was happening.

    Xiao Tianyi's face was not looking good. He looked at the other bride that came out, shocked.

    Yun Lei came to his other daughter and shouted, "Xue`er, what are you doing here? Why are you dressed like this? Go back now. "

    Yun Qianxue, with a red veil covering her head, couldn't see the situation outside. Hearing her father's voice, she couldn't help but be shocked. Then she said, "Dad, what are you doing? Didn't you say...."

    Before Yun Qianxue could say more, Yun Lei quickly shouted, "Your Father wants you to go back, but you still won't go back?"

    Yun Qianxue had always been the favored child growing up. She had never been scolded this way. She got angry for a while and stood still.

    Liu Shi, the wife of Eternal Peace Marquis, knew that the situation was bad for Xuan Prince, her husband, and her daughter, so she quickly grabbed Yun Qianxue and coaxed her: "Xue`er, I know you are joking with your sister. We should go now and not delay your elder sister's marriage."


    Liu Shi was so angry. She wanted to kill Yun Qianyu but could only smile in this situation.