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Chapter 12

Fate's Little Feral Consort
     Chapter 12: Chapter 12 Two Imperial Edicts 2

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    Xiao Tianyi and Yun Lei watched Yun Qianxue being pulled away by Liu Shi, and they were relieved.

    At the same time, they wondered how they could get themselves out of this.

    However, before they even had time to think of anything, they heard a sad cry behind them.

    "Younger sister, don't go. If you go, your elder sister will be a sinner. If you can't get married to Xuan Prince, his highness and Father will hate me."

    After they heard this, Xiao Tianyi and Yun Lei were so frightened that they turned around and looked at Yun Qianyu. They saw the thin, horrible looking woman crying on the ground, looking sad and desperate.

    She saw Xiao Tianyi and Yun Lei looking over, then cried even more. Then, she got up and almost smacked into a tree.

    "Just let me die."


    Xiao Tianyi's expression changed. If this woman died today, he would not be able to clear his name even if he jumped into the yellow river. Not only would he be linked to her death, but his reputation would be completely tarnished.

    Xiao Tianyi ordered, "Lan Yi, stop her."

    A figure rushed over to Yun Qianyu and grabbed her.

    No one saw the sneer from the corners of Yun Qianyu's mouth. She did this to get the Xuan Prince's guarantee.

    She had destroyed the marriage between Yun Qianxue and Xiao Tianyu. Yun Lei wouldn't let her go easily. But if she got the guarantee from Xuan Prince, Xiao Tianyi, Yun Lei would think twice about killing her.

    Yun Qianyu cried as she thought about all of this.

    "My lord, I know. You don't want to let people know that you had forced me to die. I'll find a place to die quietly then. Don't worry. Since I ruined your marriage, I'll go die now."


    As soon as Yun Qianyu said that, all the people were sad.

    Hua Mei looked at the first young miss and couldn't hold herself back anymore. She came beside her and said, "Young miss, your life is so bitter. Hua Mei will die with you. Let's die together; it's too painful to live."


    Now all of the people there looked at the pitiful master and servant. The ladies there and also the officials in the court all sympathized with Yun Qianyu. Their eyes were filled with disappointment as they looked at Xiao Tianyi.

    Xiao Tianyi was angry. The kidnapping by the bandits was not his ploy. Although he traded Yun Qianyu for Yun Qianxue, and that was his fault, he had already made up his mind to marry Yun Qianyu.


    He didn't expect things to end up like this. Xiao Tianyi was not a fool. He thought about what Yun Qianyu said earlier and how Yun Qianxue appeared in her wedding dress.

    It was clearly Yun Lei's idea. He wanted Yun Qianxue to take the place of Yun Qianyu and marry into Xuan Prince's residence. Unfortunately, this turned out to be bad for the Xuan Prince.

    Xiao Tianyi glared toward Yun Lei coldly. Yun Lei became frightened and almost couldn't stand stably.

    Xiao Tianyi then said to Yun Qianyu, "You don't have to die. I won't let you die. And I promise that no one will harm you."

    Even though Xiao Tianyi said that, Yun Qianyu did not stop, she seemed to have become addicted to acting. She looked back at Yun Lei and said with fear and uneasiness on her face,


    "But Father is angry with me. He will surely deal with me. Forget it; I'd be better off dead. "


    Yun Lei became stiff with anger. He was breathing heavily; his face was red and tense. What a vile girl. Now he really wanted to go up and strangle her.