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Chapter 14

Fate's Little Feral Consort
     Chapter 14: Chapter 14 Two Imperial Edicts 4

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    Yun Qianyu was light-headed; she didn't notice someone asking her to receive the edicts; she was still leaning on Hua Mei.

    However, Hua Mei heard the call and quickly held Yun Qianyu up.

    "Young miss, the emperor has given out an imperial edict."

    Yun Qianyu shook her head and felt somewhat better. However, she was still a little confused. She quickly reached out and hit a few acupoints on her body.

    Soon she felt a little clear-headed and walked back to the courtyard with the help of Hua Mei.

    After a few steps, she was already out of breath.

    At this time, Xuan Prince and Yun Lei, as well as all the guests, finally realized what was going on. The Emperor had a decree for the first young miss of the Yun family. They all wondered what the Emperor had in mind for her.

    Xiao Tianyi and Yun Lei led all the guests to kneel down beside Yun Qianyu.

    At this time, the eunuch came to Yun Qianyu, and he saw her face. The eunuch was so shocked that the imperial edict in his hand almost fell out.

    "You, you are the eldest young miss of Eternal Peace Marquis's Residence?" he asked with a slight tremble in his voice.

    Yun Qianyu knew that she must look very scary at the moment. That was why the eunuch's face turned pale, but she did not care at all.

    As a world-famous doctor in the 21st century, her medical skills had reached a peak.

    Powerful businessmen, as well as the politicians, prime ministers, and presidents of countries, had all come to her for treatment.

    That was why this disfigurement was nothing to her; she was not worried at all.

    Yun Qianyu said with a calm face, "This servant is Yun Qianyu, the eldest daughter of the Eternal Peace Marquis's Residence."

    Eternal Peace Marquis's Residence Yun Lei, who was behind Yun Qianyu, also hurriedly said, "This is indeed Yun Qianyu. May we know what the Emperor's will is?"

    Eternal Peace Marquis couldn't figure out what the Emperor would do to Yun Qianyu at this time.

    Eunuch Zhao was the one running errands for the Emperor. He ignored Yun Lei's words, gently shook the bright yellow brocade in his hands, and read out the imperial edict carefully.

    "By the grace of Heavens, the Emperor decrees: today was the day when Xuan Prince and the eldest young miss of the Eternal Peace Marquis's Residence got married. However, Xiao Tianyi, Xuan Prince, sent Miss Yun in the hands of bandits. This behavior is greatly out of line. We now take back the orders of marriage this day. The marriage between Xiao Tianyi, Xuan Prince, and the eldest young miss of the Eternal Peace Marquis's Residence is no more."

    With the announcement of the Emperor's will, Xiao Tianyi's face became a little pale.

    It was not difficult to see the Emperor faulting him in this edict.


    Compared with Xiao Tianyi's uneasiness, Yun Qianyu was rather calm. In the first place, she never thought of marrying this man.

    Thinking of this, she quickly held out her hands and said firmly, "Your servant accepts the imperial edict."

    Xiao Tianyi saw Yun Qianyu receiving the imperial edicts without any hesitation. Then he thought about the letter of severance which Yun Qianyu gave him; Xiao Tianyi's heart couldn't help but feel sad. Yun Qianyu had always liked him, now she completely hated him and did not want to marry him at all.


    This made him feel bad.


    After receiving the imperial edict, Yun Qianyu was relieved. At first, she was worried that her letter of severance would not work; now, everything should be fine.

    The imperial edict had been given. Xiao Tianyi wouldn't have a relationship with her anymore.

    After receiving the imperial edict, Yun Qianyu was just about to get up. However, the eunuch Zhao in front of her took out another imperial edict from his sleeve.

    "Yun Qianyu, come receive the second imperial edict."

    Yun Qianyu had to kneel once more. In fact, she was almost unable to support herself; even after hitting her acupoints repeatedly, her body was now at its limit.

    "By the grace of Heavens, the Emperor decrees Yun Qianyu, the eldest young miss of Eternal Peace Marquis's Residence, who is pure-hearted and wise. Even though she was in the hands of bandits, she would rather die than surrender; she would rather die in order to keep her reputation. She is a model for women all over the world. Today she will be married to Li Prince, Xiao Jiuyuan, and become his consort. Thus, we have decreed."