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Chapter 15

Fate's Little Feral Consort
     Chapter 15: Chapter 15 Two Imperial Edicts 5

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    After the imperial edict was read, all the people there became excited. Everyone started discussing the new situation. Among them were girls that shrieked with shock.

    Xiao Jiuyuan, prince Li, was the only other prince of Dongli state besides Prince An. He even got the title ‘Li' from the first emperor.

    Not only was his status high, but he also had a uniquely handsome face. Also, He had 20000 elite guards, the Dragon Scale army. 20000 men wasn't that much, but they were capable men. They could fight armies ten times larger than they.


    The army followed Xiao Jiuyuan twice to defeat the North Di armies.

    The North Di armies were terrified when they heard the name Xiao Jiuyuan. They did not dare invade the border of Dong Li state anymore.

    Xiao Jiuyuan was a hero in the hearts of the people of Dongli state.

    However, this high-ranking and admired figure still had a fatal weakness.

    It was said that Xiao Jiuyuan was the embodiment of the Tiansha's lone star. Previously, the emperor awarded four fiancées to him, but all of them died before marriage.

    They either drowned or hanged themselves for some reason; some even lost their minds and stabbed themselves. In short, every woman who was going to marry Xiao Jiuyuan would be doomed.


    Women in the entire capital, even in the world, did not dare marry Xiao Jiuyuan.

    Although Xiao Jiuyuan had unparalleled good appearance and power, no one dared to risk their own lives.

    But even so, they couldn't deny his excellence.

    Now, the emperor awarded Yun Qianyu, who had a mutilated face, marriage to Xiao Jiuyuan. Even though this woman was pitiful, how could she be worthy of Prince Li, Xiao Jiuyuan?

    Although none of the ladies here dared to marry Xiao Jiuyuan, they became very jealous and mean when they heard the imperial edict.


    "What does the emperor mean? How can his highness award a woman with a crippled face to Prince Li? Is she worthy of Prince Li?"

    "Yes, Prince Li is such an unparalleled and powerful man. He should be matched with a woman with great prestige and beauty."

    "If she is smart enough, she shouldn't accept the edict. It's no use accepting it anyways. Prince Li will never agree to marry such a woman with a mutilated face."


    Among the guests, a young lady couldn't help but spout their jealousy at her, "Yun Qianyu, if you are smart, don't accept this."

    After she said that, the others also joined in saying,

    "Yes, Prince Li will not marry you."

    "If you accept the edict, you will end up divorced. It's better for you to refuse it."

    As she listened to the chatter, Yun Qianyu looked around at the girls-all of them with envious faces. It seemed that they were afraid she would marry Xiao Jiuyuan.

    Yun Qianyu did not care about these women. She tried hard to think about the information about Prince Li, Xiao Jiuyuan, and soon she knew who the prince was.

    As the youngest son of the empress dowager and the emperor's brother, not only did he have a uniquely handsome appearance, but he also held 20000 elite guards. He was certainly an important figure in the Dong Li state.

    If Yun Qianyu accepted the imperial edict, she would become Xiao Jiuyuan's consort, and consort Li in the future. By then, she would want to see if Yun Lei could do anything to her.

    After thinking about that, she slowly raised her hands and said, "Your servant accepts the imperial edict."