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Chapter 19

Fate's Little Feral Consort
     Chapter 19: Chapter 19 Saving a Life 1

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    Originally Yun Qianxue wanted to rush to the place where Yun Qianyu lived to deal with her, but Yun Lei stopped her. Since her sister received the imperial edict, she was now officially Xiao Jiuyuan's imperial consort.

    They didn't know how Xiao Jiuyuan would react if anything happened to his consort. If they mistreated Yun Qianyu, they anger Xiao Jiuyuan, ao, Yun Lei warned her not to provoke Yun Qianyu.

    At this, Yun Qianxue got even angrier. She threw a fit, went back to her place, and smashed a pile of things, which made her feel better.


    Still, she wasn't going to let Yun Qianyu go; even if Yun Qianyu had, in name, become Xiao Jiuyuan's consort.

    Even Yu Qianxue didn't think she was worthy of Xiao Jiuyuan, so how could Xiao Jiuyuan marry that cowardly, incompetent, ugly, and crippled pig as his concubine?

    She believed Xiao Jiuyuan would cancel the marriage. When that happened, she would be able to deal with the pig. Even if she couldn't do it openly, she could still kill her in secret.

    Yun Qianxue's eyes were glowing, slowly calculating her revenge on Yun Qianyu.

    At this time, Yun Qianyu was lying on her own bed-at the brink of death. Her breathing was rattled. What happened today exceeded her body's capability. She had used up all her strength.

    Now, she was lying in bed-indifferentiable from a corpse.

    Although her wounds were cleaned, medicated, and bandaged, she didn't look as though she were getting better.

    In front of the bed, Hua Mei cried sadly. The more she thought about it, the sadder she was; tears rolled down her face like pearls.

    "Miss, if anything happens to you, I will accompany you in death. I couldn't stand to live if you were to die."

    As he looked at Hua Mei, physician Xiao Lin had respect for her. She was a loyal servant.

    Physician Xiao Lin was the son of physician Lin. He had a respectable heart. As he looked at the sorry, he couldn't bear it. He looked at Hua Mei and said, "How about this. I will help you find a way to get some ginseng or bird's nests for your young miss to take. She will heal faster with that."


    After he finished speaking, he went out. Hua Mei was still crying; she didn't think that he could get anything good from the master.

    But Hua Mei was wrong. Eternal Peace Marquis, Yun Lei, was moved by what Xiao Lin said; he gave him some ginseng and bird's nest.


    Although these things were not very good, these items were still nutritious. Hua Mei immediately took some ginseng and sent it to the kitchen for cooking.

    In the past, the kitchen's people were not kind to her. Now, no one dared to give her trouble since her master had the title of Consort Li. No matter how courageous they were, no one dared cause any trouble.

    Hua Mei made the ginseng soup smoothly and fed it into Yun Qianyu.

    After receiving treatment and drinking some ginseng soup, Yun Qianyu seemed better.

    When Hua Mei relaxed, she felt the intense pain coming from her left waist. Her eyes became gloomy, and she began to sweat all over. Her hands and feet were weak, and she could not even hold the bowl in her hands.

    After Hua Mei noticed her body was unwell, she thought of something. She was kicked hard by her master Yun Lei and realized she was hurt badly.

    Since she had been so preoccupied worrying about the young miss, she didn't notice it at all. Now the injury seemed to have gotten worse.

    She would be fine, right? Hua Mei felt light-headed. She reached out to hold Yun Qianyu's hand tightly.