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Chapter 21

Fate's Little Feral Consort
     Chapter 21: Chapter 21 Rage Hitting a Bit*h 1

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    Yun Qianyu took the flowers and plants into her room and lit a candle after searching for matches.

    She mixed them under the dim light. Some of them were for consumable and some for external use; soon, they were all done. After doing so, she felt her strength drain out of her. She knew she was much weaker.

    However, she was the only one who could help Hua Mei. She forced herself to find some embroidery needles from the room and placed them on the candlelight for disinfection.

    After, she started to work on Hua Mei.

    First, she checked how bad her injuries were; then she used the silver needles to clear the bruises. After some time, she applied the prepared medicine on Hua Mei's waist, wrapped it with a bandage, and fed her some medicine.

    After doing all that, Yun Qianyu felt completely weak and didn't want to move. Then, she saw a flickering light on her ring, showing the number ten.

    When Yun Qianyu saw this, she thought about what the Phoenix said earlier. To open Yan Huang's inheritance, she had to accumulate 1000 points.

    She only got ten points to save a person. Did that mean that if she wanted to open the ring, she would have to save a hundred people?


    Fortunately, she had no interest in the inheritance. Otherwise, she would have been greatly disappointed.

    She didn't think that she would have such a big heart to save a hundred people and accumulate whatever points that were needed.


    The reason why she saved Hua Mei was that she was loyal.

    As Yun Qianyu was thinking, the Phoenix Lord felt Yun Qianyu's mood and said in a small voice.

    "Master, don't be disappointed. The reason why the score was low was that the patient's injury was relatively light. If the patient's injury was serious, the equivalent score would be high. If a seriously injured patient, master would only need to save a few of them to open the ring."


    Yun Qianyu was indifferent and said, "I'm not interested."

    Lord Phoenix wanted to cry. She wanted to go out.

    Lord Phoenix was trying to persuade Yun Qianyu to change her mind. Suddenly, she heard footsteps coming from not far away and warned Yun Qianyu immediately.

    "Master, someone is coming."

    Yun Qianyu raised her eyebrows slightly, and she had a flash of killing intent. She listened attentively; as expected, she heard footsteps coming from the yard.

    Even though she was always alert, she couldn't detect people.

    . Yun Qianyu thought and her face had a sinister smile.


    As of now, she was Li princess consort, so she did not need to worry about anything at all. Instead, she was interested to see who had come in search of death.

    As soon as she thought about it, the people outside approached, and voices were heard.

    "Today, we must deal with this pig. She dared destroy her second sister's marriage. The pig clearly wants to die. Does she think that she'll be protected by Prince Li? I want to see who will come to her rescue at night."


    This person said in a sinister tone.

    Another replied.

    "Yes, the second young miss could have married Xuan Prince. In that case, you would have become the princess consort's younger sister. That would have made you more prestigious. But now, it's all ruined by the first young miss."

    "Ah, hateful pig. I will surely kill her."