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Chapter 25

Fate's Little Feral Consort
     Chapter 25: Chapter 25 Arrogant and Domineering 1

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    The stars suddenly became a background for his figure.

    This person stood leisurely under the dark night, his hands gently placed together.

    One was like a painting, and the other was like scenery.


    His delicate three-dimensional facial features were perfect: his black eyebrows. His deep phoenix eyes were like the sea. Inside his eyes, there were even more dazzling stars than the stars in the sky. They were dark and cold, but they were as touching as the most precious gems in the world.

    Under those phoenix eyes, was a straight nose and sexy lips.


    There was a shadow of a smile on his lips; he looked like he did not have a care for the world.

    The arrogance and domineering he had was unparalleled.

    However, this attitude was not annoying at all; this was his unique characteristic.

    Yun Qianyu looked at this man and immediately understood who he was.

    Li Prince, Xiao Jiuyuan.


    "Xiao Jiuyuan," said Yun Qianyu subconsciously.

    Xiao Jiuyuan's eyes suddenly turned cold; the cold aura even overflowed from his black pupils. His whole body seemed to be covered with unmelting ice, which made people feel cold.

    Yun Qianyu knew that this man was angry. Even if he did not say anything, she knew that he was angry.


    Just as she was thinking about this. In the dark night, a furious voice was heard, "How dare you say my master's name!"

    The two figures quickly sprang out from the dark night and came to Xiao Jiuyuan's side in a blink of an eye.

    White and black shadows flashed in front of her eyes.

    These two men were Xiao Jiuyuan's trusted aids, Bai Yao, and Hei Yao.

    It was Hei Yao that scolded Yun Qianyu previously.

    Hei Yao was always impatient. When he heard Yun Qianyu call his master's name, he became furious and scolded her.


    However, as soon as Hei Yao said that, Xiao Yechen on the side of Xiao Jiuyuan smiled and said, "Hei Yao, you're not right. This is the future Li princess consort, wouldn't it be normal for her to call your master's name?"

    Hei Yao was not happy when he heard Xiao Yechen's words. He looked at Xiao Yechen, then turned to glare at Yun Qianyu angrily.

    "She's such an ugly woman. My Lord will not marry her; she is not worthy of my Lord."

    Xiao Jiuyuan did not correct Hei Yao's words.

    Xiao Jiuyuan just turned around and was going to walk out. Xiao Yechen could not help following him and asked, "Ninth imperial uncle, are you going now? Are you not going to talk to the ninth imperial aunt? In fact, I think she is very interesting. "

    Xiao Jiuyuan's cold and heartless voice replied, "if you are interested in her, I can ask the emperor to award her to you as your concubine."

    In Xiao Jiuyuan's words, Yun Qianyu was like a dispensable object, which could be sent to people at will.

    Of course, for Xiao Jiuyuan, who was in a high position of power, Yun Qianyu was really just a dispensable object.

    Right now, he was even quite dissatisfied with the item.

    Xiao Yechen intended to amuse Xiao Jiuyuan. Unexpectedly, Xiao Jiuyuan suggested that he marry Yun Qianyu.

    How was that possible? It wasn't because he disliked Yun Qianyu, but he placed great importance on beauty.

    Yun Qianyu was not a beauty, but also a terror.

    He could not live in the same room with her.


    Xiao Yechen's face was bitter. He quickly reached out his hand and grabbed Xiao Jiuyuan saying, "Ninth imperial uncle, it's my fault, my fault. You're a great man and will not remember the faults of petty men. I'll never do this again. Please don't ask the emperor to award the ninth imperial aunt to me."