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Chapter 28

Fate's Little Feral Consort
     Chapter 28: Chapter 28 Arrogant and Domineering 4

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    Since they were close, she realized that this man had a beautiful face. He had a pair of phoenix eyebrows and starry eyes, which were like dazzling gems, shining with a fascinating luster. However, when she looked at his eyes carefully, she felt like they were as deep as an unfathomable lake.


    His skin was not white, but a healthy wheat color-smooth and moist, as if water was dripping off it.


    His body was covered with a black brocade embroidered with gold thread. The black brocade shouldn't have been seen since it was night, but it was so dazzling that people couldn't ignore it.

    He seemed to be a natural king. Just by standing there, he already gave off an impressive aura.


    Xiao Jiuyuan did not seem like a mortal.

    Just as Yun Qianyu was thinking about this, the man in front of her had become impatient. He spoke in a low, husky voice,


    "Have you lost your tongue? You can't speak?"

    Yun Qianyu was surprised and looked up quickly. She clearly saw Xiao Jiuyuan's disdain, looking at her as if she was just an ant.

    To be honest, this made Yun Qianyu feel displeased. Previously, she would have definitely pointed at his nose and went against him.

    But she couldn't do that in her situation. She could only swallow her pride, even if this made her uncomfortable.

    But one day, she would tell Xiao Jiuyuan that she was not an ant.

    Yun Qianyu took a deep breath, looked at Xiao Jiuyuan, and said, "Li Prince, although you are valuable, everyone respects you and loves you; because the Emperor gave you four fiancees and they all died, everyone says that you are the embodiment of the Tiansha lone star. In the end, no one dares to marry you.

    Yan Qianyu stoped here and gasped hard for air. She had used up the majority of her strength when beating up Yun Qianyue and her two servant girls. That was why she couldn't speak for too long.


    However, her words made Xiao Jiuyuan's eyes more murderous, blood lust leaking.

    Xiao Yechen looked at Xiao Jiuyuan. He was really afraid that he would kill Yun Qianyu in anger.

    He wanted to cover Yun Qianyu's mouth again but saw Yun Qianyu's pale face. When he saw her panting hard, it seemed that she was fighting for her life.

    He thought this woman was really something else. However, she seemed so fragile that he doubted whether she could get through.

    Xiao Yechen felt pity for Yun Qianyu. He turned to look at Xiao Jiuyuan and said,

    "Ninth imperial uncle, please be patient. Let her finish. Let her finish."

    Yun Qianyu's breathing was a little more stable. She again looked up to Xiao Jiuyuan and said, "Although the world says that Li Prince is the embodiment of Tiansha's lone star, I don't believe it."


    Yun Qianyu's words made Xiao Jiuyuan and Xiao Yechen frown and stared at her together.

    They were a little surprised. Yun Qianyu did not believe that Xiao Jiuyuan was the embodiment of the Tiansha's lone star. Everyone believed that Xiao Jiuyuan's fate was never to have a wife; anyone that married him would surely be doomed.

    But now there was an outlier.

    Xiao Jiuyuan and Xiao Yechen stared at Yun Qianyu. She then continued, "How could there be such rumors in the world? The reason for the death of your four fiancees was that someone killed them. And the real purpose was to destroy your highness' reputation."

    Xiao Jiuyuan slowly sneered.

    He didn't expect an ugly woman like her to see this. Indeed, he also suspected that the four women who were appointed to him by the Emperor were killed. The mastermind's real purpose was to ruin his reputation.