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Chapter 30

Fate's Little Feral Consort
     Chapter 30: Chapter 30 Ploy Against Father 1

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    Behind him, Yun Qianyu closed her eyes weakly. Was she going to give up? Would she just die here in Eternal Peace Marquis's Residence? No, she managed to survive, and she would do it again.

    She struggled to turn around and looked at Xiao Jiuyuan and the others, who had not stopped.

    "Li Prince, this chess piece is very important. You have already lost four fiancees before. If your fifth fiancee dies again, your bad reputation will follow you for a lifetime. That was why this fifth chess piece must not be someone ordinary. If you choose a chess piece without brains, it would only bring more harm to you."

    "I'm the best one to be that chess piece because I'll help you catch the person behind the scenes."

    Yun Qianyu laboriously said this. Unfortunately, the group did not stop. Even though despair overflowed her heart, she still did not give up.

    "I have not only brains but also some skill in Kung Fu and medicine. Ordinary people can neither get close to me nor poison me; with only my sense of smell, I would know whether a person is trying to poison me."

    Even though Yun Qianyu had said all that, the group had still gone. Yun Qianyu's heart was in despair; it seemed that she had failed.

    She closed her eyes, powerless she felt. She laid on the ground, motionless.

    Out of nowhere, there was the sound of footsteps. Someone came to her side, looked down at her and said without emotion,

    "You said you were good at medicine."

    Xiao Jiuyuan's voice was near Yun Qianyu's ear. Immediately she became happy. There was strength in her voice once more. She quickly opened her eyes and saw Xiao Jiuyuan's eyes staring at her.

    Yun Qianyu immediately nodded, "Yes, I'm good at medicine, so it's absolutely impossible for ordinary people to poison me. On the contrary, I can see a person's moves easily, so that I can easily catch the real murderer behind the scenes."

    Yun Qianyu then stared at Xiao Jiuyuan, wondering if he would agree to cooperate with her.

    Xiao Jiuyuan didn't immediately reply to Yun Qianyu. Instead, there was a treacherous smile on his face. He said softly and coldly, "Someone is coming; let me see if you are qualified to be my princess consort."

    As soon as he said that, his body moved and disappeared in the dark.

    At the same time, Xiao Yechen and Xiao Jiuyuan's two subordinates also disappeared.

    There was no one around. It was as though everything was just a dream.

    Yun Qianyu was confused; what did Xiao Jiuyuan mean? However, the phoenix in her body suddenly reminded her,

    "Master, there are many people coming here."

    Yun Qianyu listened attentively and heard many people were coming. She suddenly understood the meaning of Xiao Jiuyuan's words. He wanted to see how she could solve the dilemma that was approaching. If she did well, Xiao Jiuyuan would agree to cooperate with her.

    If she couldn't deal with it, he would go to the palace and ask the emperor to make an order to dissolve the engagement.

    This was her chance. She saw hope, and her spirits lifted.

    However, just thinking of the ghosts and monsters she would face made her tired. She was tired, and facing them required strength.

    Without any hesitation, Yun Qianyu immediately fumbled to take out the previously detoxified embroidery needle. She quickly pricked it towards several acupoints on her body, two of which were deadly acupoints of the human body.

    Ordinary people wouldn't dare to use it at all; with the slightest error, they would lose their life. However, she was not worried. Her skills were extraordinarily advanced.

    Of course, the people in the dark saw what she did.