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Chapter 31

Fate's Little Feral Consort
     Chapter 31: Chapter 31 Ploy Against Father 2

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    Xiao Jiuyuan stared at people not far away.

    Xiao Yechen's eyes narrowed slightly. He then came to Xiao Jiuyuan's side and whispered, "ninth imperial uncle, is she killing herself. I think the places she pricked are the deadly acupoints of the human body."

    Xiao Jiuyuan said coldly, "If you drive someone into a deadly position, they can come out alive. If she used those acupoints appropriately, she could achieve unexpected results."

    However, this required a person with excellent medical skills to do it. Ordinary physicians would likely kill someone.

    Xiao Jiuyuan looked thoughtfully at the thin woman in the middle of the courtyard. She seemed like she could be blown down by a gust of wind. He thought of her boldness and calmness before and her current medical skills.

    Was she really the young miss of Eternal Peace Marquis's Residence? Wasn't it said that she was weak and incompetent?


    Xiao Jiuyuan and Xiao Yechen were still looking at Yun Qianyu. In front of the courtyard, a group of people came in.

    The person in front was Yun Lei, the Eternal Peace Marquis. By his side was Liu Shi, his wife. Liu Shi was followed by Yun Qianyue's mother, aunt Shen. Aunt Shen hugged her own daughter, Yun Qianyue. The mother and daughter cried as they walked.


    In the yard, Yun Qianyu had stood up. Due to her acupoints activating blood flow, she seemed better now.

    Her eyes glared at them coldly, and she had a faint smile. She looked up at the people coming in.

    Seeing Yun Qianyu in the yard looking at him with a sneer, Yun Lei could not help but be infuriated.

    "Yun Qianyu, how dare you beat your third sister and her servant girls? If I don't punish you today, you will be more reckless and do whatever you want. "

    Without even giving her time to explain herself, Yun Lei yelled at the servants, "Men, punish her!"

    A person behind Yun Lei got out an item: a whip that was full of barbs. As soon as the whips landed on someone's skin, it would peel the skin and flesh of the person. However, if done skillfully, the whip won't kill anyone; causing only pain and misery.

    Yun Qianyu knew what Yun Lei was thinking about. He would only leave her breathing and not kill her.

    But he seemed to have forgotten that today she was seriously hurt. If she received one whip, she would surely die.

    Yun Lei reached out and took the whip from the servant's hand. He looked at Yun Qianyu intently. Thinking of this waste, who dared to disobey him and ruin Xue`er's wedding.

    Since she was Li princess consort, he thought it was a bad idea to provoke her. But the little bit*h dared to hurt Yue`er and her two servant girls; this was his chance to teach her a lesson.


    This was the Eternal Peace Marquis's Residence and he was the god here. He wouldn't allow anyone to disobey him.

    Yun Lei held the whip and looked at Yan Qianyu with a sneer, "Today, as your father, I will teach you how to be a daughter of Eternal Peace Marquis's Residence. My residence will not have someone that disobeys me."

    If it wasn't for the title of Li princess consort, he would have whipped her till death.

    When Yun Lei finished speaking, he raised the whip in his hand; suddenly, they heard a scream.

    "No, please don't hit the first young miss. She is seriously injured. If you hit her, she will die."

    A figure rushed out and stopped in front of Yun Qianyu. Yun Qianyu looked quickly and saw that it was Hua Mei in front of her. Hua Mei knelt in front of Yun Lei with tears on her face and begged Yun Lei not to hit her.