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Chapter 32

Fate's Little Feral Consort
     Chapter 32: Chapter 32 Ploy Against Father 3

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    As soon as Yun Lei saw Hua Mei, he became even more enraged. He raised the whip in his hand and was about to whip her,

    But when Yun Lei raised his hand, Yun Qianyu, who was standing behind Hua Mei, suddenly sneered, "Father, are you going to kill everyone in the Eternal Peace Marquis's Residence?"

    Yun Lei's hand trembled. The whip he raised stopped. He stared at Yun Qianyu and asked, "What nonsense are you saying?"

    Yun Qianyu replied coldly, "if you don't want everyone here to be buried with us, how can you want to kill us? As of today, I am already the future princess consort of Li Prince. In the past, four of his fiancees died; that's why people believed he's the embodiment of the Tiansha's lone star."

    "I believe Li Prince is very angry about this. Not only is he angry, but he will try to find out who is behind all this. All four fiancees of his had died and I am now his fifth fiancee. If I die..."

    Yun Qianyu stopped and stared at Yun Lei.

    Yun Lei glared at Yun Qianyu with a frightened face and said, "you're talking nonsense. Those four women died in accidents. How could someone kill them?"

    "Ha-Ha, it doesn't matter whether they were killed by natural causes or man-made disasters. Ultimately I have left a clue in this small yard. If I die, Li Prince will surely come and investigate. The clue I left will direct him to the Eternal Peace Marquis's Residence. That is to say, the fiancees of Li Prince were killed by the people of this residence. And the reason why I was killed by my father was that I found out Father's secret. "

    Yun Qianyu's eyes were filled with killing intent as she said that.

    "I found out that Father killed Li Prince's four fiancees, and I was killed by you because I found the secret."

    Yun Lei was totally shocked by Yun Qianyu's words. Xiao Yechen who was in the dark was also shocked.

    She could flawlessly tell lies. Xiao Yechen didn't think she left any clues behind. Even though it was something made up, her lies were well-organized and reasonable.

    At this time, Yun Lei's face became gloomy, as if covered by a layer of dark ink. His eyes were so ferocious that he almost wanted to eat Yun Qianyu.

    This bit*h dared to threaten him.


    Yun Qianyu raised her eyebrow, then said calmly, "Yes, I want to die. I want everyone to die together, kill me then."

    Yun Lei didn't speak but Liu Shi opened her mouth and said, "My lord, the first young miss is too arrogant and she even dares to threaten you. What kind of daughter is she? My lord, you are her father and the master of this residence."

    Liu Shi's words fueled the fire in Yun Lei's heart; he would like nothing more to kill this little bit*h daughter of his.

    Just then, he thought about what she had said.

    Yun Lei began to sweat as he thought about this. However, when he looked up and saw the evil girl not far away, he felt that he was going to die of anger. His face showed his displeasure, his fingers were clenched, and his veins burst out.