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Chapter 33

Fate's Little Feral Consort
     Chapter 33: Chapter 33 Ploy Against Father 4

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    At this time, Yun Qianyu moved. She ran back toward a pillar in the yard behind her, shouting, "I've lived enough. Let's die together."

    When she moved, Yun Lei was frightened. Yun Qianyu's willingness to die terrified Yun Lei, making her lie even more believable.

    "Men, stop her. Don't let her die."

    As soon as Yun Leo said that, two of his subordinates moved and ran straight to Yun Qianyu. Since she was about to collide with the pillar, the two men quickly grabbed her.

    Yun Qianyu couldn't move because she was grabbed. He turned around and looked at Yun Lei and said, "Weren't you going to kill me? Let me die then... "

    Looking at Yun Qianyu, Hua Mei said sadly, "Miss, your servant will die with you."

    Hua Mei didn't know that this was Yun Qianyu's plan. Running into the pillar was just to make Yun Lei believe that she really had left a clue in the yard.

    Right then, Yun Lei really believed what Yun Qianyu said was true. In an instant, his expression changed a few times. Finally, he clenched his teeth and looked at Yun Qianyu with a stiff face and said, "Forget about what happened today. Don't try to kill yourself either."

    Immediately after, the people behind him all looked at him in consternation. Liu Shi, Aunt Shen, and so on did not think as much as Yun Lei.

    They just thought that Yun Qianyu was brave enough to threaten Yun Lei and was clearly wanted to die.

    They all thought that the Eternal Peace Marquis, Yun Lei would kill her. They were baffled that Yun Lei would let her live.

    Aunt Shen and Yun Qianyue were the first to scream out in agony,

    "My lord, Yue`er was almost strangled by her."

    Yun Qianyue's nose was blue, and her face was swollen. At this time, she looked at Yun Lei with teary eyes and shouted, "Father, I was almost strangled by her. You should teach her a lesson for me."

    Yun Lei didn't speak, but Yun Qianyu said, "You all want me to die, right? I'll die then! "

    After saying that she tried to run into the pillar again, but the two servants of Yun Lei held onto her and wouldn't let her move.

    They didn't dare to let her go. If the first young miss was able to kill herself, Yun Lei would surely deal with them.

    Yun Lei looked at Yun Qianyu then at Yun Qianyue and shouted angrily, "Enough, we are all a family. What kind of situation is this?"


    After he said that, he turned to Aunt Shen and Yun Qianyue, and told them, "Both of you, shut it. If you two dare to talk about this nonsense again, you two would be punished too."

    Aunt Shen and Yun Qianyue immediately looked at Yun Lei's whip with barbs; their faces immediately became pale, and they couldn't speak.

    As for Liu Shi, she now knew why Yun Lei did not harm Yun Qianyu.

    My lord must have believed this woman's words. He thinks that the whole Yun family will be killed. That was why he did not dare to do anything to this woman.

    But is what this woman said true? Did she really leave clues in this small courtyard? If Li Prince came to check, he would surely determine that it was us that sent someone to kill his fiancee and ruin his reputation.

    Liu Shi was shocked as she thought about this. This was the Eternal Peace Marquis's residence, which ultimately would be her son's possession. She couldn't let Eternal Peace Marquis's residence be ruined. As for Yun Qianyu, she would deal with her later.

    Liu Shi thought about it, looked at Yun Qianyu, and said, "First young miss, your father doesn't really want to beat you, he just wanted to scare you and teach you a lesson. You're the future wife of Li Prince, and your future will be great. Why should you die now?"