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Chapter 34

Fate's Little Feral Consort
     Chapter 34: Chapter 34 Cooperation 1

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    Yun Qianyu looked at Liu Shi, and killing intent flashed through her eyes.

    "I don't wish to die, but everyone constantly bullies me. I've suffered enough."

    Yun Qianyu had a sad look and hoped that all of this would end. Liu Shi turned around and looked at the people behind her. She then ordered, "No one is allowed to cause any trouble to the first young miss in the future. If someone does anything to her again, they will be severely punished. Forget about today's matters."

    Aunt Shen and Yun Qianyue became even paler. Even though they had suffered, in the end, they became the baddies.

    Still, after seeing the displeased faces of Yun Lei and Liu Shi, the mother and daughter, chose to stay quiet.

    After Liu Shi pretended to warn aunt Shen and Yun Qianyue, she turned to Yun Lei and said,

    "My lord, we have scared the first young miss. I believe she has remembered the lesson and will not hit people without reason in the future. It's already late, so we should go back and rest. "


    Yun Lei took a deep breath, swallowing the anger he had. He looked at Yun Qianyu with a stern face and said,

    "Well, that's it today. You don't have to die either. No one will come to trouble you in the future."

    After he said that, he turned around and left. He could not stay any longer; if he stayed any longer, he would spit out blood from anger.


    Liu Shi and the others also followed and left. Soon there was no one in the courtyard.

    The ones left were Yun Qianyu and her servant girl Hua Mei. Both of them were wounded and stood there.

    After seeing that the people had left, Hua Mei came to Yun Qianyu's side with difficulty, and asked with concern, "How are you, miss? Are you ok? Are you in pain anywhere?"

    Yun Qianyu did not speak and instead looked toward the dark night. Her expression seemed as though she was waiting for someone.

    As she watched, several figures appeared in the quiet dark night.

    Hua Mei shouted, subconsciously blocking in front of Yun Qianyu. "Who are you, what do you want to do?" asked Hua Mei.

    She looked at the people and slowly recognized who they were. She had a frightened look as her body began to shake subconsciously.

    The man standing in front was the young miss's future husband, Li Prince, Xiao Jiuyuan.

    Xiao Jiuyuan's eyes were deep and dark, and his handsome features twisted. It seemed like he was thinking about something. He slowly opened his mouth, "You are not Yun Qianyu; who are you?"

    Immediately after Xiao Jiuyuan said that Hua Mei took the lead and said, "Your highness, this is indeed the first young miss of the Yun family."

    Yun Qianyu then said, "Who am I if not Yun Qianyu. If I'm not Yun Qianyu, why should I suffer this crime? Surely I can just walk away."

    Although Yun Qianyu said so, Xiao Jiuyuan still didn't believe it.


    It was said that the first young miss of the Yun family was weak and incompetent. She had been bullied by her family for so many years. But now he saw that Yun Qianyu was intelligent and decisive, and had a unique mind. If she was Yun Qianyu, why would she be bullied for so many years? It would be a miracle if she didn't bully anyone.

    Just like tonight, originally it was Eternal Peace Marquis, Yun Lei that was going to deal with her. However, in the end, she not only scared them away, but she even got their guarantee that no one would dare bully her in the future.

    How could such a smart woman let herself be bullied all this time?

    That was why Xiao Jiuyuan suspected that Yun Qianyu was not the real miss of the Eternal Peace Marquis's residence.

    However, Yun Qianyu did not intend to admit to the matter. Although her soul had changed, she was still Yun Qianyu on the outside. Even if Xiao Jiuyuan checked, he wouldn't be able to find anything.

    "Your highness, anyone who's experienced what I have experienced will resist sooner or later. Even clay figurines can be intelligent; I'm human, so why wouldn't I retaliate?"