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Chapter 36

Fate's Little Feral Consort
     Chapter 36: Chapter 36 Free Elixir 1

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    Xiao Jiuyuan smiled, and the corner of his lips raised slightly. It was a pity that what flowed out of his mouth were not beautiful words,

    "Miss Yun, you are overthinking this. We are not cooperating, our relationship between is like a chess player and his chess piece."


    Yun Qianyu pursed her lips slightly but was not angry. She nodded then said, "Yes, I have over-thought this, I'm just a chess piece."

    She, however, thought that one day she would stand in a position to tell Xiao Jiuyuan otherwise.

    Xiao Jiuyuan was very satisfied with her words. He did not want to stay longer so he turned around and left. Even though it was such a simple action, the aura he gave was impressive.


    Yun Qianyu watched Xiao Jiuyuan and the others leave. His clothes were unique and he had a noble look: a natural awe-inspiring aura. Ultimately, she would want to become such a person.

    Yun Qianyu suddenly thought of something and called out to Xiao Jiuyuan, "Your highness, although I am a chess piece, in order to better help you catch the real murderer. Could you show up at the gate of Eternal Peace Marquis's residence tomorrow? It will aid me in helping your highness."

    Xiao Jiuyuan stopped and slowly turned to look over. In the dark moonlight, the man's face seemed to be covered with a layer of tulle. He was a beautiful man. His phoenix eyes were bright and attractive. Still, if you looked closely, you could see that there was no warmth in his eyes.


    He tugged at the corners of his mouth and said coldly, "As a chess piece, you have made a big mistake. As the player, I will do as I please. Today I will spare you. If you do it again, I won't be so merciful."


    Xiao Jiuyuan said and turned away. He didn't even look at Yun Qianyu.

    Hei Yao who was behind Xiao Jiuyuan glared at Yun Qianyu. This ugly girl had some skills and was able to keep persuading his lord.

    Xiao Jiuyuan and other people soon walked out of the courtyard. Xiao Yechen, who was at the back, looked backed and saw that Yun Qianyu had fallen to the ground.

    Xiao Yechen couldn't help but worry. He recalled the fact that she had put needles in some deadly acupoints.

    In the courtyard, Yun Qianyu watched Xiao Jiuyuan and Xiao Yechen leave. As soon as they left she fell to the ground. Hua Mei on his side rushed to help her. Unfortunately, Hua Mei was also hurt and couldn't help her master at all.

    The two fell to the ground.

    Hua Mei couldn't help crying sadly, "Miss, why, why is it so hard to live?"

    At this time, Yun Qianyu was completely relaxed. She had solved the biggest problem she was facing. Xiao Jiuyuan had finally agreed to let her bear the title of Li Prince; their lives would be better going forward.

    Yun Qianyu raised her eyebrow and told Hua Mei, "Don't worry, everything will be better soon."

    As soon as she said that, cold sweat burst out. The injuries on her body were better because of medicine, but one of her feet was still swollen. Previously, the reason why she was able to fight against Yun Qianyue and others was that she stuck two needles on the acupoints on her feet; so she could not feel the pain.

    But now because she moved too much, even if there was a silver needle on the acupoint, she could still feel the extreme pain.

    Her foot was so swollen that it almost seemed like there was no bone there. It seemed like a meat bun.