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Chapter 38

Fate's Little Feral Consort
     Chapter 38: Chapter 38 Free Elixir 3

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    Yun Qianyu was not happy that Xiao Yechen sent her medicine. Instead, she looked at him suspiciously.

    "Xiao Yechen, I don't have anything to do with you. You helped me before, and now you're giving me medicine. Why are you doing all this? What do you want from me?"

    Yun Qianyu did not believe that there were people in the world who wouldn't ask for rewards. Xiao Yechen must have his purpose for helping her again and again.

    Yun Qianyu really could not understand what Xiao Yechen saw in her.

    Her words made him a little disappointed. In fact, he did not meddle in others' business usually. He had come across many that were down and out, but he never gave a damn.

    There were a lot of people suffering in the world, but he did not care.

    Still, after seeing Yun Qianyu struggling for her life. Her unyielding nature made him interested. That was why he would help her for now.

    As for delivering the medicine, he just thought that he might as well do good all the way. Even a good physician couldn't do without medicine.

    Xiao Yechen raised his eyebrow as he thought about it. He then put his hand on his chest and said,

    "Miss Yun, I'm so sad that you said that."

    Yun Qianyu knew that he was trying to act cute; she didn't even give him a smile. She just stared at Xiao Yanchen and said, "if you have nothing to say then take the medicine back."

    If she used Xiao Yechen's medicine, she would owe him a favor and would need to pay it back in the future. Yun Qianyu did not like to owe people favors.

    Xiao Yechen was really hurt this time. He did something good once in a blue moon but was disliked by this person.

    He walked up to Yun Qianyu discontentedly and looked down at her, saying, "Miss Yun, you are so unlovable. This prince is doing something good yet you're rejecting my goodwill. You've really saddened me."

    "If I use your medicine today, I will have to pay back the favor later on. Who knows what you want me to do in the future?"

    As soon as Yun Qianyu said that, Xiao Yechen looked at her with disbelief.

    "Miss Yun, do you think I have something that I need from you?"

    As the prince of An King's residence, Xiao Yechen had a high status. He really couldn't think of something she would need from her.

    Yun Qianyu still didn't take the medicine in his hand. She just looked at him and said, "so what? I don't need it."

    Xiao Yechen frowned at her. Finally, he reached out and pulled Yun Qianyu's hand. He gave the two bottles of medicine to Yun Qianyu forcefully and said,

    "You're really stubborn, but now you're badly hurt, so you'd better not be stubborn. Since you have worked hard to live, you'd better make yourself better quickly. You can only deal with those monsters and snakes when you're better with all your strength, right? As for the favor, don't think about it. I won't ask you for anything. "

    He was doing this because she reminded him of his youth when many people wanted his life. They tried to poison him, pushed him into the water, and even tried to assassinate him. If it wasn't for his grandpa, he would have died.

    Now, after seeing that Yun Qianyu, he tried to help her if he could. Of course, he did not expect her to pay him back.

    In the room, there was silence. Yun Qianyu looked down at the two bottles of medicine in her hands. She then looked deeply at Xiao Yechen and said, "Xiao Yechen, I owe you this favor today, and I will repay it later."