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Chapter 43 - Dog Bite Dog

Fate's Little Feral Consort
     Chapter 43: Chapter 43 Dog Bite Dog 4

    Hua Mei led Xiao Yechen into Yun Qianyue's yard quietly. Then, they buried the skin and bones of the rabbit in the back of the yard. Of course, they did not bury them perfectly, as per Yun Qianyu's instructions.

    After they finished, it was almost dawn. Xiao Yechen hurried back to his residence. After Hua Mei returned, Yun Qianyu had already gone to bed.

    The next day, the whole Eternal Peace Marquis's residence was in a mess, and soon there was trouble.

    In the early morning, Yun Qianxue found pet rabbit was missing. She was panicking since the rabbit was given by her master. Although it didn't have any abilities, it was somehow good at understanding people. Now that it was gone, she felt scared.

    She asked the servant girls to look around, but they couldn't find it. Yun Qianxue became even more worried now. She immediately ordered her servants to search the entire premise.

    Hai Tang, her most trusted servant girl, led a large group of maids to search all the yards. After some time, she found evidence in the yard of Yun Qianyue, the third young miss. There were some gray rabbit skin and a pile of bones; the bones were still dripping with oil.

    Hai Tang was shocked. The news got to Yun Qianxue, and she went berserk. Without delay, she led two people to Yun Qianyue's place, dragged her off the bed and started beating her.

    Yun Qianyue was beaten by Yan Qianyu last night and was hurt badly. Unexpectedly, now she was getting a beating from Yun Qianxue. She was almost dead.

    Fortunately, Aunt Shen was smart. When she saw her daughter getting beat badly, she hurriedly led some servant girls to see Yun Lei.

    When Yun Lei came here, he saw that Yun Qianxue was kicking Yun Qianyue on the ground. She kicked and scolded, "Pig, how dare you harm my rabbit! How dare you eat her! Today, I will kill you to avenge my rabbit."

    In the beginning, Yun Qianyue was still able to explain herself, but now she had become unable to speak at all.

    Yun Lei rushed in when he saw this and shouted loudly, "Stop."

    What happened last night had caused Yun Lei a great headache; now, there was even more trouble in the morning; Yun Lei was furious. He stared at Yun Qianxue after shouting.

    "What madness is this early in the morning?"

    Yun Qianxue stopped, turned around, and looked at Yunlei. She cried, "Father, she asked someone to kill my rabbit. She not only killed it but also ate it."

    Yun Qianxue became more saddened when she thought about her rabbit. Her rabbit had accompanied her for several years. How could she not be sad?

    Yun Lei frowned. With a stern face, she looked at the people in the room and said, "What happened?"

    All the servant girls in the room serving Yun Qianyue were all scared and kneeled down. They all said, "Your servants do not know what happened"

    Yun Qianyue, who was on the ground, heard Yun Lei's voice. She looked up with great difficulty as her face was scarred and swollen. There was even a big wound on her forehead that was bleeding a lot. She was clearly hit hard.

    Yun Qianyue cried and said, "Father, I did not! I did not!"

    As soon as Yun Qianyue said that, Aunt Shen knelt beside her daughter with a thump, saying sadly,

    "My lord, even if the third young miss had the courage, she would never dare to harm the second young miss's rabbit. My lord knows what kind of person the third young miss is, right?"

    After looking at the mother and daughter crying bitterly, Yun Lei couldn't bear it. He thought that with Yun Qianyue's temperament, she wouldn't dare to harm Yun Qianxue's rabbit.