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Chapter 45 - Apologies from Xuan King

Fate's Little Feral Consort
     Chapter 45: Chapter 45 Apologies from Xuan King 1

    Liu Shi glanced at Yun Qianxue. Yun Qianxue looked up and saw Yun Lei's angry face. Finally, she repressed her anger and said slowly, "Father, don't be angry. I understand. I won't cause trouble for Elder Sister."

    Yun Lei was satisfied, but when he saw Yun Qianxue, he thought about the events of yesterday, and today, his other daughter had also been wronged. Yun Lei was distressed, so she reached out to Yun Qianxue's hand and comforted her.

    "It's not that Father doesn't want you to teach her a lesson, but Father doesn't want you to suffer. Before you do anything, you should think if it will lead to your suffering. You are our family's hope. If something happens to you, Father will be sad."

    Yun Lei's words were like instructions to Yun Qianxue. It wasn't that he didn't allow her to take revenge, but he didn't want her to do it openly.

    As for underhanded things, Yun Lei wouldn't care about it. Even if she was the Li princess consort, Li Prince couldn't do anything if she harmed Yun Qianyu secretly.

    Yun Qianxue thought about it and finally smiled. There was a malicious look in her eyes and a sinister smile on her face.

    "Father, Xue`er knows that Father loves Xue`er. I will listen to Father in the future."

    The three members of the family all laughed, and everything was calm once more.

    At this time, the housekeeper rushed over hurriedly and respectfully reported, "My lord, his highness Xuan King is coming. He is now headed to the residence of the first young miss."

    "Xuan King?"

    "What reason does Tianyi have to see that woman?"

    Yun Qianxue's tone was very cold, but she seemed to have calmed down.

    Yun Qianxue was not a fool. The reason she was angry at Yun Qianyue was that her rabbit was killed. However, now she has calmed down.

    "Father, let's go and have a look."

    Ultimately, she wouldn't want Xiao Tianyi and Yun Qianyu to interact too much, so as to avoid anything harmful to her.

    Yun Lei naturally thought of this and nodded immediately.

    "Alright, let's go and have a look."

    A large group of people left. In the room behind them, Aunt Shen rushed and shouted to Yun Lei, "My lord, the third young miss has passed out."

    Yun Lei didn't stop, but he ordered the housekeeper, "Send someone to inform physician Lin to come to treat the third young miss. Immediately!"

    "Yes, my lord."

    The housekeeper sent someone to get the physician. Yun Lei, Liu Shi, and Yun Qianxue went all the way to Yun Qianyu's yard. Aunt Shen looked at the group of people that went away with tears in her eyes. Yun Qianyue was also his flesh and blood, yet this daughter was beaten so badly.

    Aunt Shen turned into the room and saw her daughter lying on the floor. Aunt Shen cried again, holding her daughter and crying in the room.

    But Yun Lei paid no attention to them. His priority his mind was to find out why his highness Xuan King was headed to Yun Qianyu's place.

    At this time, Yun Qianyu did not know the situation outside. She was still sleeping in the room.

    Although she consumed the Wound Healing pill from Xiao Yechen last night, she was still weak; she had fed the Qi Regeneration pill to Hua Mei, so her own body was still weak.

    On the contrary, because Hua Mei took the Qi Regeneration pill yesterday, her condition was very good. Even the kick she got yesterday from Yun Lei didn't affect her.