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Chapter 51 - Xiao Jiuyuan’s Arrival

Fate's Little Feral Consort
     Chapter 51: Chapter 51 Xiao Jiuyuan’s Arrival

    In the hall, Yun Qianyu was thinking about how much compensation he should get from Xiao Tianyi. Outside the room, someone came in in a hurry; the housekeeper rushed in and reported in a panic,

    "My lord, his highness Li Prince has come to the residence."

    Yun Lei was shocked; he quickly got up and said, "High highness Li Prince? Why would he come here?"

    After Yun Lei asked, he subconsciously rubbed his hands together; clearly, he was nervous.

    The other people in the hall also heard and were similarly nervous.

    Although Yun Qianyu was surprised, she recalled what she told Xiao Jiuyuan last night.

    Although she was a chess piece, his highness should at least come to her residence to show people her importance.

    He didn't pay attention to her at all last night.

    She had also thought that he wouldn't care about her.

    Unexpectedly, he came to visit her today.

    Of course, Yun Qianyu did not think that Xiao Jiuyuan suddenly had compassion for her. She knew the reason he came was to let the person behind the murders see that he recognized her as his princess consort.

    As long as Xiao Jiuyuan came to her residence and did not withdraw from the marriage, the people behind the scenes would surely make a move. They would surely try to do something to her.

    Yun Qianyu chuckled. Although Xiao Jiuyuan's purpose was to find out who the mastermind was, she would still benefit from it.

    Since Xiao Jiuyuan had come to recognize her as her princess consort, would Yun Lei dare to do anything to her?

    At least they would never dare to make a move on her in broad daylight. Under the table, though, she would want to find out who would mess with her.

    Yun Lei was nervous at first, but he became calm after some time. He seemed to have understood why his highness had come here.

    He turned around and looked at Yun Qianyu with joy.

    From yesterday to today, she had caused him much trouble.

    As Yun Lei was still thinking about it, Xiao Tianyi stood up and said to Yun Lei, "Marquis Yun, my ninth imperial uncle has come. He must have some purpose; let's go and see."

    Yun Lei nodded, "Yes, your highness, we shouldn't let his highness wait."

    Yun Lei took two steps and recalled something. He turned around and ordered Yun Qianyu coldly, "Since his highness has come, you should go too. Perhaps his highness wants to see you."

    Seeing the evil look in Yun Lei's eyes, Yun Qianyu only replied, "Let's go."

    Yun Qianyu wanted to see who would be in trouble this time.

    Yun Qianyu's attitude stupified Yun Lei,

    Yun Lei's chest was sore, and he used his hand to rub it.

    Liu Shi knew that Yun Qianyu had been angering her father for the past two days, so she reached out to help Yun Lei and said in a soft voice, "My lord, let's go. His highness Li Prince is still waiting. The Li Prince must have a reason for coming here."

    After hearing Liu Shi's words, Yun Lei was finally in a better mood; the couple seemed to have agreed that Xiao Jiuyuan's purpose of coming here was definitely to cancel the marriage.

    As the Lord of Eternal Peace residence, when had someone last angered him? Even if it was Yun Qianxue, the daughter with innate spirit meridian and under the Ling Yun Sect, she would never disobey him.

    Now, this little bit*h Yun Qianyu dared to be so bold.