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Chapter 53 - Arrogant Xiao Jiuyuan

Fate's Little Feral Consort
     Chapter 53: Chapter 53 Arrogant Xiao Jiuyuan

    Yun Lei led Liu Shi to pay their respects to Xiao Jiuyuan, "Your humble servant acknowledges you, your highness, Li Prince."

    Liu Shi dare not look at Xiao Jiuyuan. Although this man was as handsome as a god, he looked quite grumpy.

    Xiao Jiuyuan only nodded and beckoned them to get up.

    After Yun Lei and Liu Shi got up, Yun Lei looked at Xiao Jiuyuan and said respectfully, "Your highness, why have you come here today? If your highness had any instructions, he could have just sent someone to bring the message."

    Xiao Jiuyuan raised his eyebrows, looked at Yun Qianyu, and did not say anything.

    Yun Lei's heart was filled with ecstasy, and his whole person was greatly relieved.

    As Yun Lei was still laughing in his heart, the husky and cold voice of Xiao Jiuyuan was heard,

    "The reason this prince came here is to see my princess consort."

    The last two words were pronounced clearly with great annoyance.

    Xiao Yechen and Xiao Tianyi on Xiao Jiuyuan's side could see it clearly; Xiao Jiuyuan really hated Yun Qianyu.

    When they thought about it, they understood why. As a Prince of Dong Li state, he had status and glory. How could he be happy now that he was stuck to a woman with a mutilated face?

    But Xiao Yechen knew that even if Xiao Jiuyuan could not bear Yun Qianyu's face, he would not back out from the marriage.

    Xiao Jiuyuan came here today just to set the stage for Yun Qianyu so that the mastermind behind the scenes would make a move as soon as possible.

    Xiao Tianyi did not know the truth, but Xiao Yechen knew the truth. Seeing Xiao Jiuyuan looking at Yun Qianyu with such annoyance, Xiao Tianyi was worried.

    In the main hall, everyone had their own thoughts.

    Yun Lei finally realized what was going on and asked Xiao Jiuyuan, "Is there something you want with Yu'er?"

    He couldn't help but hope that Xiao Jiuyuan would cancel the marriage immediately.

    Xiao Jiuyuan looked down and played with a jade pendant in his hand. He then said slowly, "What reason do I need to have? It's just that I have heard that my future princess consort is uglier than a ghost. The ugliest woman in the world, apparently. So I came to have a look. I was curious. "

    After he said that, he looked up at Yun Qianyu and mumbled, "ugly indeed."

    Xiao Jiuyuan thought that Yun Qianyu would be angry with the bare insults he had thrown at her.

    It was a pity that Yun Qianyu's face was calm. As if everything was normal and that Xiao Jiuyuan was not talking about her at all.

    It made Xiao Jiuyuan angry in an instant; he felt as though he was punching cotton.

    He couldn't help but insult Yun Qianyu again, "I'm afraid I won't be able to eat for two days."

    After Xiao Jiuyuan said that, Yun Qianyu was still calm. However, another person could not take it anymore.

    Xiao Yechen took the lead in saying, "My ninth imperial uncle, you are too much. A man should know how to cherish a woman, or you will regret it in the future."

    Xiao Tianyi also said, "Although Yu'er's face is not very beautiful now, the scar on her face can be cured. The Ling Yun Sect has many elixirs, including Beautifying pills. I believe that such pills could remove the scars on Yu'er's face."

    As soon as Xiao Tianyi said that, Xiao Jiuyuan looked at him with a faint smile and remarked, "Ah, Xuan King seems to know how to cherish a woman, but who destroyed her face?"