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Chapter 56 - Justified Robbing

Fate's Little Feral Consort
     Chapter 56: Chapter 56 Justified Robbing

    When Yun Qianyu finished, everyone in the main hall was stunned, especially Xiao Tianyi. Not only his face was black, but his eyes were red. He looked at Yun Qianyu as though he was shooting out rays of coldness.

    This woman dared to open her mouth and ask for one-fifth of the things that Xuan King had.

    Although he had money, a lot of the money was used to entertain people and build relationships. She had requested a good amount of the liquid assets he had. She was really daring.

    In the main hall, not only Xiao Tianyi's face became black, but Yun Lei and Liu Shi were also completely stunned.

    They thought that she would only ask for about 50000, but she had asked for an exuberant amount.

    Who knew that this woman not only wanted two boxes of jewels and two boxes of herbs, but also ten pieces of brocade from Hua Jinwan. It should be known that the brocades from Hua Jinwan were expensive. Ordinary people couldn't afford it at all. Even in their house, there were only two sets for some of the family members. Now this woman wanted ten pieces of brocade from Hua Jinwan.

    Yun Lei giggled sarcastically and looked at Yun Qianyu as though she was a fool.

    Liu Shi glared at Yun Qianyu angrily. What Yun Qianyu wanted was supposed to go to her daughter. Now that it was going to be taken by this woman, how could she not get angry?

    Liu Shi wanted to object, but looking at Xiao Jiuyuan in the hall, she did not dare to say anything.

    Even though she dared not speak, she quietly pulled the sleeve of Yun Lei.

    Yun Lei quickly looked at Yun Qianyu and said, "You must be mad. Asking for two boxes of jewelry, two boxes of herbs, ten pieces of brocade, and five hundred thousand silver certificates. You think his highness owes you that much?"

    Yun Qianyu looked toward Yun Qianyu and said with a sarcastic smile, "Does he not owe me a life and a face?"

    Yun Qianyu stated while pointing to her mutilated face.

    At present, she needed money and medicine. Although she could fix her face, she couldn't delay it for too long. If she waited for too long, there might be permanent scars.

    Although she did not pay too much attention to her appearance, she did not want to live with this face forever.

    Yun Lei heard Yun Qianyu's answer but gave a look of disapproval. He then said in a deep voice, "Even if his highness had wronged you, you shouldn't ask for too much."

    This time, Yun Qianyu looked at Yun Lei and said seriously,

    "Father, that's where you're wrong. Personally, I don't want that much. But I'm the future princess consort of Li Prince now. I can't make his highness Li Prince lose face. Didn't you hear what Li Prince said just now?"

    All the people in the hall were shocked and displeased. This was a robbery, taking money and things in broad daylight.


    Yun Lei was completely blocked by Yun Qianyu because this involved Xiao Jiuyuan. Worse yet, Xiao Jiuyuan had now confirmed Yun Qianyu's future title.

    Yun Lei could not figure out what's wrong with Xiao Jiuyuan. Why would he confirm that little bit*ch's identity?

    Yun Lei wanted to ask Xiao Jiuyuan if he had taken the wrong medicine. But, of course, he only dared to think about it in his head.

    Everyone in the main hall looked at Xiao Jiuyuan.

    He leaned on a chair and stared at what happened in the main hall, but he didn't say a word, even when Yun Qianyu asked for a killing.

    Xiao Tianyi's face became gloomy.

    Xiao Tianyi's brain quickly began to think about how to refuse this request. Although he intended to compensate Yun Qianyu, he would never allow himself to be slaughtered. This request was too much, even for him.