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Chapter 58 - Ask For Dowry

Fate's Little Feral Consort
     Chapter 58: Chapter 58 Ask For Dowry

    In the main hall, Yun Lei and Liu Shi were ugly. As long as they thought about the fact that Yun Qianyu had extorted a large number of goods from Xuan King, they were furious. At the same time, they were worried that Xuan King would hate them.

    However, they had no way to deal with Yun Qianyu.

    That was because Yun Qianyu was now the future princess consort of Li Prince; she even got recognition from Xiao Jiuyuan himself.

    Now they really couldn't do anything to this little bit*h.

    Yun Lei looked up at Xiao Jiuyuan on one side of the main hall. Xiao Jiuyuan leaned lazily on the chair, not caring about what was going on, playing with the cup of tea in his hand.

    Even though he had a lazy demeanor, he still gave a domineering aura around him.

    Yun Lei looked at Xiao Jiuyuan and said in a soft voice, "Your highness…"

    Before Yun Lei said anything more, Yun Qianyu suddenly intervened,

    "Father, I have something to ask you. Previously I was going to marry Xuan King, and you prepared a large dowry for me. I heard that it's my mother's. Since I'm not marrying Xuan King, but to Li Prince, please have the dowry sent to my place. I wish to take note of the things."

    As soon as Yun Qianyu said that, both the faces of Yun Lei and Liu Shi became stern. They stared at Yun Qianyu together, and their gaze almost killed her.

    The dowry was really for Xue`er. When they first prepared the dowry, they knew that Xue`er would be the one to marry Xuan King.

    What they told Yun Qianyu about the dowry was just an excuse.

    Now this woman dared to ask for it too?

    Looking at the angry Yun Lei, Yun Qianyu said softly, "Father, what's that look on your face? Are you going to take my dowry? Do you want me to marry Li Prince empty-handed?"

    Yun Qianyu's words made Yun Lei's face stiff, and Liu Shi's face pale.

    Xiao Jiuyuan's face was also stern, and his hands were slightly clenched.

    This woman dared to use him again and again to achieve her own goal, how hateful.

    From Xiao Jiuyuan's phoenix eyes, a cold ray of anger aimed at Yun Qianyu.

    Chills suddenly engulfed Yun Qianyu. She knew he was angry without even looking at him.

    However, one and two were not that different; since she already used him once, she thought she might as well use him again to finish everything.

    Thus Yun Qianyu did not look at Xiao Jiuyuan but still looked at Yun Lei and Liu Shi.

    After Yun Lei and Liu Shi heard Yun Qianyu, even if there was resentment, they did not dare to say anything.

    In fact, they couldn't really allow Yun Qianyu to marry Xiao Jiuyuan empty-handed. That would be a direct attack on Xiao Jiuyuan. At that time, Xiao Jiuyuan would surely deal with them.

    After thinking about it, Yun Lei said, "How can Father take your dowry? Don't worry. Father will send your dowry to your place later."

    Just as Yun Lei was thinking about his fabulous plan, Yun Quanyu already saw through it.

    She turned to look at Xiao Yechen on the side of the main hall, and said slowly, "Your highness An Prince, I wonder if I can ask you a favor?"

    "Tell me."

    Xiao Yechen said with interest. It was entertaining for him to watch Yun Qianyu bully the Eternal Peace Marquis, Yun Lei.

    "Can you please help me to register those dowries? Firstly, I can't complete the task on my own. Second, I don't know how to appraise the items. If there was a bold servant bit*h that changed the items, I would become a joke. Ultimately these things would be sent to Li Prince's residence after all."